McCafe Frappe – Your Fuel For Black Friday

It is so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner – just a week and a half away!  I feel like we never even got a summer vacation this year and now we are preparing for Christmas!  How can that be?  Such an incredible year with no time to really grasp how quickly everything is moving.

Next week circulars will start coming out for the big sales – in fact some are already out.  What are you all searching for?  It was so much easier shopping for my kids when they were younger.  Now it is all about electronics – anything from Nintendo Switches to full DSLR cameras, laptops etc… Lordy.  The good news is they are old enough to understand the value of a dollar a bit more and it isn’t so much about quantity anymore.

So Black Friday morning I will head out in search of the best deals for the items they so desperately want.  I love how exciting it all is but frankly it can be a bit exhausting.  My daughter may be willing to go with me this year – that will make it a great deal more fun.  We will also go with our favorite McCafé® Frappés that can be found in a bottle – grab and go style!  Woohoo!

I love them all but my daughter’s favorite is caramel. Do you favor vanilla, caramel or mocha?  Each bottle is 13.7 ounces and retails for $2.  You can also get it in a 40 ounce option for $4.49 and can be found at all major supermarkets as well as Walmart and Target.


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