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Best Traditional Sauna Reviews 2019: My Buyers Experience

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting a home sauna for some time now, since going to the sauna helps me keep my weight under control. I feel like it’s a passive form of losing weight and a great way to unwind. I’ve been going to the public saunas for about two years since they make me feel energized and put me in a better mood. Even though I really find the traditional sauna beneficial, I could’ve just bought my own home sauna with all the money I’ve spent at the local sauna. So then I decided to see which was the best for my needs by reading the best traditional sauna reviews.

As sauna enthusiast, I figured it would be easy to find the right one for me. However, as I started doing research online by searching for the best traditional sauna reviews, I became more uncertain the more I looked. There were things I really didn’t think much about the difference between traditional and infrared saunas. I just figured all saunas were like the one I used at my local spas sauna. I learned that the humid feel that I’m used to is called a traditional wet sauna, which is different than an infrared dry sauna. When I was shopping around I noticed that most of the traditional saunas were more than twice the cost of infrared saunas. However, the Traditional 5 that I found on was very affordable and well within my budget.

I Tried Giving Them A Call To Learn More

After reading the specifications of the Traditional 5, I called in because I had some questions about where I could place the sauna in my home. The representative seemed new, so he didn’t really know much about it. I wasn’t too worried though. I read a lot of good things about the sauna online, and there was free shipping too. The shipping person that delivered the sauna was really nice. He actually helped me bring the box into my home and accepted my reasonable tip. I was a little concerned though because I needed a run through on how to set it up.

I waited until my husband felt like putting it together over the weekend. He put it together himself with ease after reading the instructions. He doesn’t like asking for help with these kinds of things. I started using the sauna the night he put it together. It actually felt better than my local sauna. The convenience of using it at home is so priceless. After I get a good sweat, I can just hop into my own shower, and get rehydrated right in my kitchen. I can grab a cold drink without the hassle of going to a juice bar. It’s such an affordable luxury and worth researching Google for the best traditional sauna reviews!

The sauna is part of my routine now, instead of somewhere I have to make reservations for. I remember before I would feel like I had to get dressed and drive to the sauna because I felt guilty for my monthly membership. Don’t get me wrong it was always worth it, but it was difficult to get me there sometimes. With the sauna being in my home, it was so convenient that I use it all the time now effortlessly. My energy levels are more consistent now and I even feel less stressed. Since I was in the sauna more often I could definitely feel myself detox and my weight management got even better!

When Comparing To The Best Traditional Sauna Reviews Online

It’s been a couple months I’ve had the sauna. I always tell all my friends about how great it’s been. The only regrets I had was not getting a larger size, so I could invite friends over for us to use it together. I would probably get the next size up, Traditional 6, that fits two people. Only because I have a smaller house. If I didn’t, I would consider the Traditional 8 Plus that can fit 3-5 people. I hope this review helps you decide on what home sauna to go with. It’s so worth it!



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