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Does CBD Oil Have Side Effects?


Many of us who have considered trying it have wondered if CBD has side effects. CBD is generally considered to be free of most side effects and excellent at pain relief. In fact, in a 2019 survey, 74% of CBD users reported that they experienced no side effects at all. As we will outline below, most side-effects seem to be very mild. 

While many users have reported that they’ve personally found CBD oil to boast many positive health benefits or therapeutic properties, there are still a few lesser-known side effects to using CBD that could be important for some users. 

Some of these side effects may sound relatively typical and unharmful. You may even feel as though you’ve felt some of them before. But there are a few that could be issued for certain people. To avoid any such issues, you can contact various CBD distributors and learn about the safest CBD products on the market, reviewed as the trusted ones with no side effects. Here are some of the most common side effects related to CBD oil, plus some of which you may not be aware of:  

Light-Headedness: For an Unexpected and Avoidable Reason

The most common side effect by far is light-headedness. Many people report feeling a bit light-headed when under the influence of THC or CBD. While THC is more often to blame, CBD can cause the same effects. Most lightheadedness cases come from people who prefer to inhale CBD, also known as vaping or smoking. And as odd as it may sound, the culprit is usually that people hold the smoke in their lungs when inhaling. There has always been the idea that if you hold the smoke in your lungs, it will have a greater effect. This is just simply not true. The cannabinoids bind with receptors in your lungs almost instantly. The reason one feels lightheaded after holding that hit down is that they’ve starved their brain of oxygen for a few seconds more than normal. 

Dry Mouth

Another occasional side effect is dry mouth. Sometimes referred to as cottonmouth, this side effect is fairly harmless. What’s more interesting is that dry mouth can strike no matter how you consumed your CBD in capsule or edible forms. It’s not only through smoking one can experience dry mouth. Basically, our salivary glands also contain cannabinoid receptors, so when we consume CBD, these receptors fail to fire, meaning our salivary glands don’t realize they aren’t salivating anymore. This is one of those side effects that are so normal and very common, so no need to worry about this one. Just drink something satisfying and wait for it to go away! 

Blood Pressure

Another lesser-known side effect of CBD is a drop in blood pressure. Several studies have shown that high doses of CBD over time can lead to slightly lower blood pressure. While many of us wouldn’t consider lower blood pressure to be bad, it can still cause problems in some people. It is recommended that you monitor your blood pressure regularly to weed out any irregularities. This drop in blood pressure could also a potential cause of light-headedness, as we discussed earlier. Lince lower blood pressure is desirable for many. CBD has been used to treat people with heart diseases and diabetes to help control blood pressure and reportedly shows promise as an effective therapy. 

Lesser-Known Side Effects

Fatigue is another side effect of CBD that can be commonplace but may also be a sign of deeper trouble.  A few users have reported feeling sleepy and lethargic while using CBD. In most cases, these are just the way their body reacts, and the effects will wear off as CBD metabolizes. In a small fraction of cases, users have reported that their fatigue continued and became chronic. If fatigue does set in and seems to be present even when not actively using CBD, it may be time to discontinue use and see a doctor. 

Another more uncommon possible side effect of CBD may be diarrhea and/or a change in appetite. Some people report issues with loss of appetite when using CBD. In a few cases, it has seemed to disagree with some people’s stomachs. In many of the studies where these side effects were present, researchers made sure to note that the side effect profile for CBD was much better than other drugs used to treat the same issues. For example, according to one study, as many as 32% of ibuprofen users have developed gastric toxicity. 

Vaping Issues

There has been a lot of news lately surrounding vaping. Many teenagers and young adults have reported lung issues after heavy use of vape cartridges in the US. The Centers for Disease Control recently suggested that vaping (of any kind) should be stopped completely. There have even been a few deaths surrounding these vape cartridges. Since vaping is one methodology of imbibing CBD, it is important to separate CBD from these stories. Many anti-cannabis and CBD sources have begun using these heartbreaking stories to bring shame to CBD all over again. The fact of the matter is that it is not the CBD that is causing these issues. The CDC finds that the culprit may be many of the artificial chemicals used in the formulation of the vape juices on their own. Most recently, the argument has also been made that these artificial chemicals undergo several changes when combusted. This is the reason for the severe side effects seen in many cases. 

The Verdict

Yes, some side effects are related to CBD use, but many of them are extremely typical. Just as with anything else in this world, there will always be side effects. Some of the side effects of CBD are definitely serious and should be looked into by a doctor if you exhibit them. Overall, CBD is a potent compound and is reported by many to help deal with many different mental and physical issues. So many users have reported that CBD has been successful in helping alleviate their issues. However, it’s important to use it wisely and moderately and use the highest quality products. Ensure they always publish third-party lab results right on their product page, as shown in the example here of Rooted Hemp Co.

Please don’t let any of these potential side effects deter you from what CBD may be able to do to help you. With anything you put in your body, it is important to fully understand its effects and keep in tune with yourself to understand if something negatively affects you. Also, it cannot be stressed enough that CBD has shown to react adversely with certain prescription medications, including blood thinners. So, ensure you have done your research before fully diving in. 

When used responsibly, CBD can improve many aspects of your life. But it is important, as with anything, to understand what you consume and how it could affect you, both positively and negatively.




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