Factors to Consider While Choosing An International Shipping Company

Are you in search of an international shipping company for the exportation of your freight or a few items? Perhaps you are here because you’ve come across so many shipping companies and are confused about which to trust with your goods. Well, we’d like to help narrow down your search by introducing you to the following factors that we strongly feel are the key attributes of a trustworthy shipping company to provide shipping from singapore to germany.

  1. License and insurance

An operating license is proof that a company has been vetted and confirmed to have adequate capacity to carry out particular shipping operation (s). On the other hand, dealing with an unlicensed company is like operating in a black market where your safety is never guaranteed. Although you can still experience a problem with a licensed company, in case of that, you can report it to the relevant regulatory body for action, especially if the company is adamant about sorting it out.

Besides licensing, a reliable international shipping company is also insured.   This is because it has lots of information concerning the safe handling of your goods during shipping and the relevant network to ensure timely delivery. Moreover, Freight brokers are considered a crucial part of the transportation industry. Almost every transportation company needs to deal with one. If you are dealing with an insured international shipping company and unfortunately, something adverse such as theft or damage happens to your consignment during shipping or warehousing, you might be compensated.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the company that you’re about to engage in the shipping of your cargo is both licensed for international shipping (especially to your cargo destination and the service you need) and offers insurance cover to your goods while in transit and in their storage facilities.

  1. Ample Experience

You don’t want your consignment to take decades to reach the intended destination because the shipping company you hired doesn’t have proper networks to get it delivered on time, do you? Therefore, although some budding international shipping companies may seem to offer more attractive shipping rates than the established ones, consider such possible inconveniences. A company that has been active in the international shipping industry for several years ( say at least five) has a vast, established and dependable global shipping network. As such, it can deliver your goods to the country you want your consignment to reach within a realistic period.

Experience is also important for the safety of your goods. An experienced agent knows the right packaging for every type of goods and how to pack each for safety purposes. Otherwise, if your freight is not packed properly, it becomes highly vulnerable to damages. Therefore, it is important to use a company with significant experience that relates to the service that you require. This is because it has lots of information concerning the safe handling of your goods during shipping and the relevant network to ensure timely delivery.

  1. Smooth communication

Seamless communication between you and your shipping company is paramount because sometimes you’ll want to confirm one thing or another. Even before you engage them, perhaps you’ll want to get some information about their shipping process to make a well-informed decision. Communication lapse might not only lead you to make a poor decision but creates a cloud of uncertainty when you are not able to get timely updates concerning the progress of your consignment.

You can easily tell a responsive shipping company from your initial contact with them. Check how fast they respond to your initial inquiries. If a company takes days to respond, that’s a red flag that you are highly likely to experience communication issues with them should you decide to use their services. A reliable company should be very responsive (responding within minutes or few hours) throughout its communication channels.

  1. Positive user reviews and feedback

What other people say about a company will give you a strong clue about its integrity and the experience you are likely to have with them. You can check out its user reviews on various online platforms such their social media profiles, Yelp and Yellow Pages. If the majority of the user reviews and feedback are positive, most likely, the company is reliable and worth working with.

Fortunately, you don’t have to research further about a company that meets all the above parameters; Craters & Freighters SouthWest Florida ticks all the boxes. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any international shipping from SouthWest Florida and the environs.


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