All I Want For Christmas


What are you doing for the holidays?  Family?  Friends?  Gifts?  There are so many different ways to celebrate the holiday season.  One thing we always do is look for the perfect Christmas ornament collection to decorate our house. In our home we celebrate Christmas but our youngest daughter decided years ago she wanted to embrace my husband’s Jewish ancestry so we also celebrate Hanukkah.  Yes, it is a bit unorthodox but if she is interested in learning about Judaism then fine with us.

Life in a home with adopted children, stepchildren, and all that brings with it can be a bit of a challenge.  We have biological relationships, adoptive relationships, and more.  We can easily be pulled in a dozen (literally) different directions.  Although I have stepsons, I have been in their lives since they were three and two.  We are now just about thirty years later!  Life is full – just plain full but always room for more for sure.

So what do I want for Christmas?  Happy family, healthy family, and one where everyone has reached for whatever goals they have.  That sometimes maybe too much to ask for since life brings about many challenges but that is what is on my list.

As far as “things” – everyone always wants to know what I/we want for Christmas.  After all, it is the gift-giving season.  There are some things I definitely want and/or need.

Every year I ask for a new pair of sneakers.  I don’t just buy one pair of sneakers a year but with all the time I spend outside – that is top on my list.  Just so you know how important my feet are – I also always ask for a pair of boots.  I KILL my boots because I wear them so much.  We own three horses and they require daily maintenance and lots of chores.  My boots are worked till they die.  Really – I go through about a pair of boots every two months.  So keep them coming!

I always ask for something for the kitchen.  This year’s list includes an electric roaster.  Since we camp so much I rely a lot on slow cookers but I could do so much more with a full roaster.   What could be better than having an entire roast and meal all made while still camping!  Crockpots are great for that campground chili but otherwise – a full meal!

An accessory for one of my cameras is always a great option too.  I have Nikon cameras – several different ones so just about anything would be great.  My latest loves are backdrop boards – highly portable and great for photographing smaller items such as food photography.

And lastly, something fun to wear to get in the holiday spirit.  Don’t you just love holiday pajamas?  I do and so does my entire family.

What’s on your holiday shopping list?  You can find many more great ideas in my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

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