Quick Tips for Increasing Organic Traffic on your Website

Organic traffic on your website is a god send, it is free traffic that can potentially turn into leads and sales for your product or service just by simply finding you on Google or another similar search engine. Any business who ranks highly on Google will find that their organic and referral traffic hugely increases which is super exciting if you’ve never had much engagement with your website before. This is especially important for those wanting to grow their smaller business into a world-wide phenomenon.

In order to rise above your competition and others in your industry, you must understand some basic principles – it’s not just about driving traffic or getting to the top of Google, it’s about creating authority and making people aware of your new brand through finding your company online. The only way this is going to happen is through finding your website organically or through ads (which you have to pay for!).  This is exactly why you need the best seo agency singapore.

Anyone who is wondering what’s the best way to quickly increase your organic traffic, should continue reading this tips guide. It all starts with Affordable web design!  Beware that while it’s advice and guidance, you should do all you can to increase traffic quickly, but it will take a while to continue to rise. Be patient and continue to do the basics, before you know it, your traffic will be through the roof.

  1. Backlink, backlink, backlink

Backlinks are the key to website authority, gaining backlinks can happen naturally if you’re putting out good content but sometimes it takes a lot of effort. The likes of guest posting can help to up your backlink profile and give you more authority inbound links to your site. Not only does this bring you organic traffic but it can help you rank too. Keep in mind that there is a risk when guest posting that if you don’t do research, the website could be a part of a PBN network which is harmful to your site. It’s rare this happens now with so many outreach specialists looking for good quality sites, but it can happen. If you want to be proactive with this, download the free Moz bar and set up an account, you can find out a website’s DA (domain authority) along with their spam score for free before choosing to have a backlink to your website on theirs.

  1. Optimise for SEO

Good SEO practices with SEO Essex are key if you want to do your website justice, what’s the point in having your product or service online if no one can reach you and find you online? Google only chooses the best sites to rank highly and if you have SEO practices in place, you will find your organic traffic shoots up. Optimising your content for SEO is simple with tools such as Yoast and SEMrush. If you’re unsure about SEO then choosing an SEO agency to do the hard work for you may be easier than learning a new skill.

  1. Get Social

Social media can allow your website to reach new levels and often drives a lot of organic traffic to the website with very little effort. Don’t just talk about your products or services online, get your website visible and allow people to talk about it on social media so they can shout about how much they love your channels. Remember to keep your feed clean and consistent as people like to see this, especially on the likes of Instagram and Twitter.

  1. Offer Free Guides and Courses

One great way to get more organic traffic to your website is when people think they’re gaining something from being on there. It’s about selling your product or service but it’s also about giving your audience and visitors something to get excited about. If you offer the likes of free guides that they will benefit from reading, then they are more likely to continue visiting your site or seeing you as a trustworthy source. If you’re not the best writer, it might be worth getting someone to devise a plan before you write these guides as you want them to be the best quality they can!

  1. Conduct Unique Research

People love to learn more about industries through research, what more could they want from your website than finding a newly published case study or interesting statistics about something in your industry? Research gains backlinks naturally which increases your organic traffic and in turn makes for a better bounce rate too. Conduct some simple research when you’re starting out as you don’t want to get ahead of yourself just yet.



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