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Top 5 Winter Essentials For Your Horse

Whether you are new to owning a horse or you are someone that has looked after horses for years, there are a number of challenges that you face every winter.  Just like you, horses sometimes get aches and pains and pallets for horses help take care of those miseries.  With a few simple essentials, you can keep your horse warm until the weather begins to improve without spending a small fortune. In this article, we will be looking into some of the top 5 winter essentials you need for the cold winter ahead.  Two of my horses are retired race horses!  One is so incredibly fast I just love watching her run.  Did you know you can participate in the races with Golden Slipper?  Well you definitely can.

Turnout Boots

Though it is okay to turn out your horse without using boots, turnout boots can help to prevent against mud fever when the weather turns cold. In addition to this, it can help to keep the legs and feet warm in strong winds. With a number of turn out boots in all shapes and sizes as well as different thicknesses, there is a turnout boot that is suitable for horses of all shapes and sizes that are not only practical but comfortable.


In addition, to turn out boots, there are also other options such as a heavy turnout rug from Ruggles Equestrian that offer the right level of comfort and protection from the elements that is needed when your horse is out grazing the field. It is important to ensure that your rug fits comfortably around the horse and is free from any damages as this will help to keep them warm. These turn out rugs are available in a wide range of thicknesses, allowing you to care for your horse even when the weather begins to warm again in the spring.

Extra Bedding

In addition to rugs and boots, it is important to ensure that all the barn is as warm and dry as possible. By adding dust free horse bedding into the barn, you not only create a warm and dry environment, but you also reduce the risk of barn cough and colic which can be troublesome for horses. If you find that the barn is still to cool for your animals, you can then provide blankets or even barn heaters to warm up the space slightly. This will also help to keep tack and other equipment warm and dry.

Keep The Tack Room Heated

Keeping your tack warm and dry is crucial as it can begin to crack, and mould can begin to grow. This will cause damage to the tack and can lead to splits and cracks that are not easily fixed. To prevent this, it is important to keep the tack warm to prevent spores from growing and use natural oils to keep the leather supple. This will help to keep the tack from becoming damaged whilst fulfilling its purpose of keeping your horse warm as you ride.

Heated Water Buckets

The final essential to use when caring for your horse in the winter is a heated bucket. Specially designed for the winter months, these buckets emit a small amount of heat to prevent the water from freezing. This will leave the water at a cool enough temperature for it to be comfortable to drink. Alternatively, you can also replicate this process by placing a ball of some kind in the water bucket, this will help to prevent the water from freezing allowing your horse to rink his 6 to 8 gallons of freshwater per day.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that these essentials can help you to care for your horse this winter without spending a small fortune. Which of these essentials will you be investing in first?

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