5 Things Not To Do When You Move Your Office

Read about some important things to do when you move your office, or rather, to not do, so that it is a success.

Moving your business office to office can be a real nightmare. Even though the eventual rewards are great, the process is so stressful and can be very difficult to organise.  Moving offices is not an easy task, and you must take it seriously and avoid making such a bold move on a whim. On the Dallas’ CRE market, you can find many spaces that can fit the size of your business and its needs. The ideal thing to do is to narrow down your search to three top choices, and decide from there which one is the best for you.

If you are planning to move your company to a new office it is important to understand not only the many ways to help it go well, but also the mistakes to avoid. The more you can do to avoid pitfalls, the more likely you are to get things running well in your new location as soon as possible. Here are 5 key mistakes to avoid when you move your office:

Trying To Do It All Yourself

At the very least you should be allocating jobs to colleagues so that you aren’t orchestrating this entire move yourself. At the very most, why not hire a professional company to help? It might cost a little more, but could it save you money in the long-run? Could it get the business back to full productivity sooner than if you did the move on your own? Do some sums and consider your options to see if professional help with moving could be worth the pay-out.

Moving Without Decluttering

Moving without decluttering is a mistake because it means moving lots of things that you probably don’t need. Old paperwork that can go into deep cheap self storage from Storing.com, broken furniture, defunct technology – clutter mounts up in offices just like it can at home and self storage is there to help. Have a big decluttering session before you move to save on items that need to go from A to B.

Protect Your Data

  • Data breaches can take a whole company down in a very short time. Whether it is through breaking the law, through destroying the brand, or because of a loss of valuable information or sensitive company plans being released. Protecting your data during a move, when your company is particularly vulnerable, is incredibly important.

Leaving It Until Last Minute

Leaving a move until the last minute is a straight-forward path to stress. It could also result in disarray in your company, in jobs being forgotten and further mistakes being made. As soon as a move is confirmed, make a plan that can be shared with others and that can be adjusted. There are apps to help with this kind of project management to make this process a lot easier.

Neglecting Communication

Neglecting communication is a huge mistake when moving offices. From your cheap self storage unit contacts (e.g. https://storing.com/), to the once a month cleaner, the weekly staff or remote receptionist – everyone should be in the know about the overall plan. Dropping communication can result in chaos and further mistakes being made.

The above five tips should help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes companies can make when they move offices. With plenty of planning, communication and smart decisions your company will hopefully be settled in your brand new office location in no time.

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