Get your Feet Raised During Winter

What comes to your mind when you hear the word winter? For the most part, winter is cold, wet, and full of heaps of snow. Winter will have your knees-deep in the snow and waddling on frozen surfaces. However, winter is beautiful in all its chaos. Winter is the sexy coats and thigh-high boots. It’s the season to layer up and cut through the biting cold with fire fashion trends.

All types of weather conditions have an impact on how we dress and the cold and wet nature of winter calls for utmost warmth and protection. Your feet are the first point of impact with the snow and wet surfaces during winter, hence they need a high level of protection and elevation to work through the snow. When buying height increasing shoes for winter, consider the purchase an investment, because the shoes will serve you for several winters to come. As such, quality comes first and the other factors follow.


With the constant wetness of the season, you need shoes that are waterproof to avoid moisture from seeping through the material and making your feet wet. Having wet feet is uncomfortable and it may lead to various foot conditions including fungus. As such, it is important to keep your feet dry throughout the winter season.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men and women come in a variety of waterproof materials. Waterproofing winter is enhanced by height increasing shoes. Raised shoes stand taller than normal shoes due to their raised outer soles and large insoles. Standing taller than normal means that your feet are further away from the ground with elevator shoes than they are with normal shoes. This means that the large outer soles of the shoes provide a larger surface for contact with snow and water and the large insoles keep the feet high enough to prevent contact. Check this Thursday Captain Review for excellent boots.


Safety is important during slippery season hence everyone needs anti-slip shoes. Winter shoes have well-defined treads that are far bigger and more elaborate than everyday shoes. The treads on winter shoes allow the wearer to walk on snow comfortably since the snow particles sip through the treads as you walk. Additionally, treads are ideal for walking on wet surfaces because they push water away from the shoes and increase traction, which enhances the grip that the shoes have on the ground.


Beat the cold with warm leather and suede boots. Women have the lucky option of wearing thigh-high boots during winter whereby they tuck their pants or stockings into the boots. Both men and women can wear height increasing elevator boots to protect their feet and legs during winter.

Boots cover your feet completely and even go up higher to reach your ankles, skin and thighs depending on the boots at hand. As such, you enjoy maximum warmth on your feet, which are always in contact with the cold and wet surfaces.

GuidoMaggi elevator boots provide double waterproofing through the material and the height increase, comfort, warmth and grip to keep you safe as you stay stylish throughout winter.

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