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KidiRace – Remote Control School Bus

KidiRace has some of the best remote control vehicles available for kids and teens.  Today I bring you another great RC vehicle – a remote control school bus!  Both my husband and I actually work in education as administrators and I actually happen to be in charge of transportation for our district.  I highly doubt this actually makes it to one of our children given the careers my husband and I have.  The question is rather which of us gets to keep it!

This KidiRace School Bus is durable – which is great because when we bring it to whichever school it ends up at it will be used by children of all ages.  It can easily handle being bumped into things and basically keeps a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. This is just what you’re looking for!

This bus is a whopping 14 inches long and can travel up to 5 miles per hour.  There are so many realistic features in this vehicle such as:  beaming headlights, flashing safety lights, and even emergency exits.

Even the remote control is designed to look like the control panel of a school bus.

The remote control has a really long 100 foot range so pick a nice wide open space and have fun!  We will be able to use it on a school playground without a problem at all.  It uses 2 AA rechargeable batteries (included).

I love how realistic this bus is – even down to the painted on bus number and stop sign.

Check out the mirrors?  Just like a full size bus.

You can also buy this school bus here!

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