Elderberry Immune Boosting Benefits #vitamiracle #elderberrygummies

It is that annual time of year we all love – and hate.  Sure it is almost Christmas and these glorious holidays are among us.  But with that we have flu season…. At this time of year I have the entire family on full alert and an immune system support plan.

We have three generations (sometimes four) living in our home and from the infants to the great grand parents – we do all that we can.

Part of our immunity boosting regimen is Elderberry Gummies.  This is one of the easiest ways I can help my family and they love it.

So what is the Elderberry?  It is a berry from the European Elder tree and it is dark purple, typically used for medicinal purposes.  They can be eaten directly off the tree but they are a berry you don’t want to consume in large quantities because it can lead to nausea etc… They do however, have significant medicinal uses – which is their primary use.

Their medical use is not limited to ingestion.  They can also be used topically to reduce inflammation and rashes.

These Vita Elderberry Gummies are perfect for supplementation.  They help with colds and flu.  If you happen to catch a cold or flu adding elderberry gummies can help to reduce the severity and duration.  Additionally, they are packed with vitamin C, zinc, fiber and antioxidants making them excellent to support heart health.  I have so much arthritis so I love their anti-inflammatory support!

So what are you waiting for?  Don’t let the cold or flu ruin your holiday – take your Vita Elderberry Gummies!

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