Handbow and Target Set by Armogear

Are you looking for a toy your children will love playing with – time after time?  This Handbow and Target Set is definitely something they will enjoy and it easy to use and fun to play with.  It is for 8 to 12 year olds but my 14 year old loves it too!  Just for the record I have used it quite a bit and SHHH but I enjoy it too!

This is an Armogear product to introduce children safely to archery.  The handbow has a pistol style design allowing a child to easily and simply release the darts.  It even comes with its own target – 9 inches – with collapsible legs so it can easily stand up on its own.

Additionally if you’d like to use it indoors, it can be hung.  The set includes six child safe darts with suckers on the end that can stick to the dart board when the shot works out as planned!

The pistol has indentations below the barrel of the pistol that actually can hold the darts – they are rubberized and you just slide the darts up and in.

These darts will not damage walls or furniture.  In fact, as I was figuring out how to use it (inside the house), I accidentally shot our big screen TV.  After a moment of panic it was clear that the dart didn’t do any damage and all was still well.

No matter what use this toy safely – don’t point at a person and definitely not near anyone’s eyes or face.

Get the Handbow and Target Set on Amazon or Armogear.com: Handbow and Target Set.

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