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Saddles for Horses Our Top Picks and Buyers Guide

Horse riders are well aware of the importance of having the right equipment when riding, particularly being equipped with the right saddle.

This item is responsible for providing the required comfort for both the rider and the animal, regardless of whether you participate in races or use it for long rides.

Therefore, when choosing a saddle, riders have to take numerous factors into consideration, such as its type, size, weight, design, material, and naturally its price.

Follow these tips to make the right choice.

Choose the right type

The starting point of choosing a horse seat is its type, depending on its use, size and weight. The most prominent types are the Western and the English variants, each specific for its own features. For instance, the former one is larger in size and definitely heavier, famous for its horn placed in the front part. This variant guarantees comfort and stability, which are excellent features, necessary for lengthy rides.

On the other hand, the latter model is the complete opposite, being smaller in size and lower in weight. This variant is more convenient for riders who wish to maintain close contact with their horses while riding, which is particularly beneficial for giving commands.

Apart from the two main types, there are numerous sub-types which are supposed to be attentively chosen, based on their use. For instance, you may choose among jumping, riding, dressage or versatile saddles in accordance with your needs. Generally, the English ones are better suited for riders who wish to involve their horses in competitions and sport while the Western ones are more convenient for the ones that are used for farm work.

Choose the material

Another important aspect when making a purchase is selecting the right material. All models are basically made of wood and metal while the materials that cover them differ, the most common ones being leather and synthetic.

The former material is costlier as it’s known for its durability. It’s harder to clean, but it provides greater comfort. When purchasing a leather seat, is of crucial importance to avoid getting tricked, as retailers have a habit of selling low-quality leather for the price of the one with top-notch quality. Click here for some tips on identifying genuine leather

Conversely, the latter material is cheaper, as it’s more prone to getting damaged from constant riding. Synthetic comes in various colors and styles, convenient for everyone to choose from. It’s a good alternative for riders who aren’t keen on spending too much money on this item.

Plan your budget

Prior to purchasing a saddle it’s essential to determine the budget you are willing to spend on it, as prices range from $500 to more than $2000, depending on the material, style, design, comfort and size. After deciding on a particular sum of money, start looking for models in that particular price range.

Moreover, make sure you do a research before going shopping, as some sellers may trick you into believing you’ve made a good bargain, when in fact you’ve been charged more than the regular price. In case the brand new variants are too expensive for you, there’s a possibility of purchasing used ones, mainly found in ranches and stalls.

Anyhow, regardless of the budget you decide to spend, remember that the best horse saddles are supposed to provide you and your horse with great comfort. Don’t purchase one until you’ve tried it, to see if it fits.


Having pleasant horse rides, means having the right type of saddle.

Make sure you purchase the best one!


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