How an E-Commerce Website Like A Simple Online Shop Builder Can Help Your E-Business?

What is An E-Commerce Business?

E-Commerce or E-Business is simply the trading, sale and purchase of a variety of goods and services over an electronic medium, like the Internet, instead of over the counter in a store. The ‘e’ stands for ‘electronic’. Some people will recognise it as ‘online shopping’.

It is not a new concept and has been around since the 1960s as e-commerce on its own, but then graduated to incorporating them into websites, which lead to the idea of the e-commerce website. And now online shopping has boomed over the past few decades to new online stores emerging almost every few months as possibly the most convenient and easy way to do your shopping.

That anyone can shop for just about anything right from their kitchen or living room, with just a few clicks of a mouse button, would have been unfathomable 100 years ago. The evolution of this phenomenon progressed even further when the smart phone was invented. Now its not just your kitchen or living room, but more like the bus, or train or while walking to your work.

Because of the high-demand for different products, services and customers, this emergence of the e-commerce business has fallen into a few different categories that connect both the buyer and the seller

  1. Government / Public Administration Ecommerce
  2. B2B: Business to Business Ecommerce
  3. B2c: Business to Consumer Ecommerce
  4. C2B: Consumer to Business Ecommerce
  5. C2C Consumer to Consumer Ecommerce


Ideas for An E-Commerce Business

It is not always essential to have a product to start an online business. Many individuals start their online business with $10 in their savings which they use to make a quick DIY website and use it to generate an income by being the middle-man between both the buyer and seller.

An example of this is Amazons affiliate site selling which is based on a particular niche or brand. Once you have a particular preference of item for example sneakers, you can sell these for the company either on your own website or the manufacturers website. All you have to do is find out who to target, build that website or landing page around the product and promote it online wherever possible. Once the interest in it starts to show, and you get orders, you start making an income from it.

Lots of well-known people advertise other people’s products for them online as affiliate marketers, but sometimes it is not that obvious.

Another good idea to start marketing is skin care products especially organic and vegan skin care is where the market is at. You can either come up with your own brand of home-made products or sell a company’s ones for them and get a certain percentage of the selling price.

An online print shop is also another reasonably good idea for an e-commerce business. A lot of people have been doing it for years but the trend does not go ‘out of fashion’. Although with so much competition out there…or online, the more unique your designs, the better the chances of selling them. So put your thinking cap on and get to that design board. Having said that you can even design your own website using a simple store builder or various other DIY tools online.

If making Organic food is not your thing, perhaps delivering it is? It is like online shopping for your groceries but organically. It can be sometimes hard for consumers to find a store that sells only one type of product especially in the grocery category, and picking a niche such as organic or vegan, will definitely set you apart from the rest. You can even sell only jams or pickles for that matter! Nothing is out of reach for an online e-commerce business, as long as you market it right.

If you are a literature or teaching enthusiast, you can sell online courses too. With this idea not only are you making money but you are doing it via a noble cause of teaching. Online courses are plenty, and you can choose to teach people a variety of things from coding, to a new language to how to build a boat! You tube is filled with videos of courses, perhaps you can start there. A few other ideas to look through are here.

READERS TIP: Sometimes monthly subscriptions are the way to go – this way you build a database of customers too.




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