Qualities of the Rich and Famous

When I was younger we were definitely not wealthy.  In fact in my early years I wouldn’t really hesitate to say we were poor.  In 8th grade though my father had earned his degree and then my mother, hers.  After that they became much more middle class.  I don’t feel like we grew up wanting for things though.  I had all I could want.  I spent alot of time at a place we call “the Projects” which was essential rows and rows of low income housing.  There was a baseball field and basketball courts.  What more could a young person want than to ALWAYS go outside and have full teams available any time you want.  I was always ALWAYS playing baseball and far better than 99% of the boys.  When I grew up I actually got to hang out with semi-pro and pro baseball players alot.  No one could tell me I couldn’t do something.

In college I began to think – maybe most teens in college think this – that I could some day become a millionaire.  Some people inherit their millions – some people become self made millionaires.  I was going to become yet another one.  Now that I am older I can say I am definitely not a millionaire but my husband and I have worked very hard and we are comfortable enough.  On this path I did a great deal of research about what is so special with the self made millionaires – how did they get there?  This is what I have learned.

Rest is Critical

Sure I can work 22 hours a day and sleep for 2 but then I am always running on empty; risking my health and eventually getting burnt out.  Life is about balance and part of that balance is definitely making time for rest.


Always have a plan.  It can be a plan for tomorrow, three months from now and even five years from now.  Daily plans, short term plans and long term plans (goals).  Challenge yourself to achieve them and break them down in to steps that are achievable and actionable while also be challenging enough to push your farther.  I took a Franklin Covey course in my first career choice and that was really one of the best things that ever happened to me and those strategies remain with me to this day.


You should not only be able to write with purpose and proper grammar but you should also speak appropriately.  You don’t need to walk around speaking like a Harvard scholar but try to avoid slang terms and phrases and spend some time learning Toastmaster strategies and really embrace the process.

I do not like to speak in public even now – but it doesn’t petrify me and I can sort my thoughts quickly in a way that allows me to not resort to dead air and filling that space with ‘um’, ‘so’, and other terms people automatically say when they are “stuck”.  I can’t tell you how much I hated that first Toastmaster session and of course I was immediately called upon to speak.  I remember to this day – I was assigned a task of speaking for three minutes about dolphins and GO!

Protect Your Finances

Always protect your finances by investing for the short term as well as investing for the long term.  Make sure you have your future protected and don’t sacrifice the future to live vicariously in the present. Today – purchase what you need with some flexible spending but don’t come close to overextending yourself.  In fact, many self made millionaires have lived much of their lives actually being quite frugal.  One thing I learned very early on was to never have all your eggs in one basket.

When one of my first jobs became not such a pleasant place to be anymore – I couldn’t just quit and have no income.  I spent the next five years building multiple streams of income.  I never ever wanted to worry about losing a job or being trapped again.  To this day I no longer have that concern.  Even during this current COVID crisis if one, two or even three of the streams of income decline or stop – I have others. Always have a backup plan.  Now more than ever this is possible for each and every one of you with the growth of the internet and what seems like infinite possibilities such as e-Commerce Millionaire Mastery.


Become a lifelong learner.  I don’t necessarily believe that every self made millionaire needs to have a Ph.D. or some other advanced degree.  However, I do believe that you cannot remain stagnant.  Continue to develop yourself personally and professionally throughout your life.  For example – I have a Masters Degree in Business.  I could have gone back to school for a doctorate in business but instead I switched gears and earned my Ph.D. in Natural Health.  The world has infinite ways to expand your knowledge and expertise while continuing to grow yourself.

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