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We have three generations under one roof and sometimes our grandchildren move in for a while – which makes four generations.  I know that seems like it can be a great deal of chaos (and it is) but I love nothing better than having four generations under one roof.  There are so many role models and so much love.  Everyone has to pitch in – no one is exempt.  We all help with the house, care for each other and help with the animals (three dogs and three horses).

Additionally, we try very hard during normal times to have every Saturday night be family game and movie night.  Well now we are not in normal times.  We play games more often and spend more time playing with each other.  The only problem is that my grandchildren are not living with us at the moment and due to social isolation we are not actually able to play real games with them.  We will definitely play this game with them as soon as everyone can get back to their normal lives and interactions.  We can’t wait.

First and foremost Story Time Chess can be played by me and my 15 year old daughter (as regular chess) just as much as I will be able to play with our grandsons who are 4 and 6!  I actually never played chess with my daughter before and let me tell you – she is far better at it than I am .  Guess you know who won this game…

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Story Time Chess was first discovered by retailers at NYC’s Toy Fair last month. Preschoolers ages 3 and up, with their homeschooling siblings, are learning along with mom and dad the many ins and outs of this timeless strategic game. With whimsy names like Bea and Bop, The Bishops, Clip and Clop, and The Knights, the iconic black and white game pieces come alive with backstories that are fun, silly and naturally memorable.

You can see Story Time Chess in action HERE.

There are so many benefits to learning the game, no matter your age or ability. K-12 students will benefit the most with strengthening academic performance, improving retained test scores, enhancing arithmetic skills, sharpening critical thinking and boosting EQ – emotional intelligence. Parents who don’t play chess themselves will be relieved that if they can read a story to a child, they can teach them chess (and learn the game themselves)!

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The game is based on a chess teaching method that has been utilized and perfected over the last 12 years through a New York City-based company called Chess At Three, which has successfully taught over 80,000 children in the last decade how to play chess through stories. The brand-new game compresses 12 years of knowledge from teaching young kids how to play chess and the result is a beautifully designed game that can teach any person from age 3-103 how to play chess through fun engaging stories and exercises.

This game includes a Story Time Chess book, Story Time Chess instructions as well as standard chess instructions, chess board with a Story Time side as well as a traditional chess side, story cards, story coins etc… The chess pieces are nice and solid – not a cheap plastic.  I love the quality of the pieces so that as adults you really are able to take the game seriously.

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