Dress For The Office When You Work From Home

Working from home is the dream for some people.  I never thought I would be working from home – but COVID has so many of us telecommuting now.  It’s where we get most of our work done, where we feel more comfortable, where we are productive. There are pros and cons to it – as there are to everything. After all, it means we could sit around in your pajamas all day, right? Well, technically you can, but having work clothes even when you work from home, on your own, is still a good idea.

I learned quickly keeping work and home separate.  Within a week my husband had to make me an office.  The very first day I got dressed and my kids wanted to know where I was going because I put my shoes on – I said work… Like that explained everything.  Having clothing for work which you can take off once you’re done for the day and change into something else – yes, even your PJs – means you are more easily able to separate your working life from your personal life.

Waking up, having a shower, putting on makeup, add long lasting lipstick, doing your hair, putting on work clothes: it’s all part of the daily ritual of getting ready for work. Why should it be any different just because your commute is less than 30 seconds from living room to the office? Take a little time out of your day to pay attention to how you dress for work, and you will be able to reap the benefits – not just in a business sense, but in your personal life too.

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