Nikola Valenti Discusses Styles for Men’s Jewelry

Men’s jewelry has been around for centuries. It is still popular today. It may be because many of the styles are conservative, or because there are so many choices available to the buyer. Whatever the reason, there are still lots of men who enjoy wearing men’s jewelry. 

Men’s jewelry wholesale has evolved over the years. Many things that were once considered feminine have been included in the jewelry styles. Necklaces and earrings have gone from being made from expensive metals to items that are not just masculine but also trendy. 

Nikola Valenti on Necklaces and Earrings for Men

Necklaces were originally made from beaded wire, which were strung on the arm. Then they became more elaborate as they became more common. Now, you can get them in gold, silver, and copper. Many men prefer silver or gold. The beading on the wire is what draws men to it. 

Earrings are also popular. They first became popular when women’s jewelry came into fashion. Earrings were seen as a sign of wealth. It is still possible to find a style that is traditionally masculine. Some modern earrings are popular for men who are not typically concerned with fashion. 

Today, necklaces have become more compact and allow more to be added. The type of metal used in making the necklace can now be nickel-free. They are also becoming shorter. Most of the time they are only two inches in length. 

Nikola Valenti on Materials for Men’s Jewelry

Diamonds are now preferred to other types of stones. They are even more popular for men. They are more rare and therefore more expensive. They are also very special and represent a higher level of status. 

Titanium and the appearance of gold have created a low cost, yet high-end style. The choice is yours. You can get a longer, less expensive necklace or get one made of gold. But the price will be the same. It is something that is only for those who want to show they are financially well off. 

Earrings are very common, but they are just as varied. They can be made from all kinds of materials and with all kinds of gemstones. The earring is also the most common piece of jewelry that is worn by men. This may be due to the fact that it can be easily concealed without looking like a fad. 

Nikola Valenti on Rings for Men

Rings are the most popular pieces of jewelry for both sexes. Rings are worn by all and to all occasions. They can symbolize love, friendship, or simply stability. They can represent loyalty, love, or protection. 

Men’s jewelry comes in a variety of styles and designs. You can get them made from sterling silver, semi-precious gems, and gold. The quality of the metal can vary greatly. 

Rings can also come in a variety of styles. Rings with designs that can include a stone can add to the style and the design. Your taste may lead you to be more conservative than the next guy. You can have something traditional or something edgy. 

Regardless of your preference, men’s jewelry can offer you more options than a woman’s. There are so many choices, it can be hard to choose. Shop for rings, necklaces, and earrings that are right for you. You will not be disappointed!

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