COVID-19 has profoundly affected the world. Not only has it affected millions of lives around the world, but it has also driven most countries towards a financial meltdown. Where the rate of unemployment in different sectors of the economy is on the rise, the health care sector is witnessing a substantial boom.

In these tumultuous times, nursing is one of the fastest-growing careers throughout the US, and that is due to the massive growth of the healthcare system. For the past decade, we have observed a shortage of nurses that resulted in the job market that rewards education, experience, and excellence among professionals. Rewarding, high paid jobs are now available for a level of education like MSC in Nursing.

While several degrees for nursing available to pursue, an MSC degree can better equip an individual for advanced roles in hospitals, medical facilities, or within college campuses. As this degree opens the door to newer possibilities, successful completion of a nursing degree gives them diverse job opportunities. These may include the management of interdisciplinary teams of nurses or a career in clinical research and development. Moreover, nursing is one of the highest-paying jobs, offering salaries and benefits well into a six-figure income.

The following are the five career options for individuals holding a Master of Science degree in the nursing major:

  1. Nursing Anesthetist

The nursing anesthetist is one of the top-level; high paying careers an individual with MSC in Nursing can attain. But to become a nurse, you must complete all the pre-requisites. These include having a nursing degree, passing NCLEX examination, obtain the license, and gain experience in the nursing field.   The good news is that today, you can get crucial nursing certifications and recertifications such as ACLS online. This option is very much welcomed by all who need flexibility in improving their career prospects and is undoubtedly the safest way to learn.   The chief responsibility of nurses in this field is to administer anesthesia to patients undergoing necessary surgeries. They need to observe and ensure that the patient reacts to medication well, and anesthesia administered is sufficient for the whole surgery duration. Nurses associated with this career often need to work long hours and able to work under pressure. This career offers nursing supervisor salaries of at least $145,000, with expected growth of 31% in the future.

  1. Chief Nursing Executive

That is also one of the highest paying career choices, with an average salary of around $126,000. The responsibilities of these executives include managing nursing staff schedules, developing strategies, and procedures for the nursing department. They work in line with the hospital policies and oversee training programs for nurses and make sure they adhere to government regulations. The requirement of this position is a nursing degree and a license from the state. A nursing officer/executive is a perfect choice for those possessing effective management and leadership skills.

  1. Clinical Research Specialist

Clinical research is the process by which the development of new evidence-based healthcare innovations takes place. These interventions are then carefully performed, administered, and evaluated on volunteer patients to observe outcomes. Clinical research nurses provide high-quality care to these individuals. The care system involves safe coordination of clinical procedures, reviewing data for accuracy, and follow up support for patients. Generally, these clinical research nurses work with dedicated research facilities or research departments of university-funded research centers. Nurses in this career collect valuable patient-centric data and collaborate with a team of medical professionals to characterize the severity of an unknown disease. Practitioners of this career in a leading role must encourage their sub-ordinate nurses to adhere to specific research guidelines that promote positive results for their patients. While a registered nurse with necessary skills may qualify for this position, those having MSC in Nursing attain the status and benefits of clinical nurse specialist.

  1. Mental Health Nursing Practitioner

This career blends various aspects of nursing, and psychology and practitioners achieve certification after their MSN degree. After a degree, nurses have to pass a state board examination to attain a license. The responsibilities of mental health practitioners lie in the diagnosis and treatment of people who have a mental illness. Another requirement for this field is expertise in psychological principles of health as well as treatment methods and pharmaceuticals. This nursing field is a life-long career with lucrative benefits that have increased in popularity. According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the salaries of mental health nursing practitioners can rise to $106,000.

  1. Clinical Trial Manager

With an average salary of up to $98,000, a clinical trial manager is also among the top paying career option for nursing degree holders. These managers track and respond to daily operations, along with overseeing strategies and budget allocations during clinical trials. These managers write reports, study documents, create a list of employees’ progress, and note down events that happen during the trials. Most employers of this field require an MSN degree holder for an employment opportunity.


All the fields, as mentioned above, require pre-requisite courses, skills, and expertise to become a practitioner and pursue them as a career. Don’t forget the return on investment in this field is very high since the nursing degree opens different job avenues for you with high paying salaries.

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