EnergyBud For Your Hydration Needs

Summer is here and the warmer weather has arrived very quickly.  Don’t forget how important keeping yourself properly hydrated is at all times.  It is always important but even more so during the summer months when it is hot.

Did you know water…

…can help free you from kidney stones…it dilutes the salts and minerals in your urine so you it can’t form kidney stones.

…increases your energy – lack of water leaves you feeling fatigued.

…makes you look younger by plumping up your skin.

…keeps your digestive tract functioning fully.

…helps you deal with stress.

…prevents headaches and migraines.

…prevents muscle cramping and joint aches.

…helps with ear, nose and throat issues.

…helps you lose weight.

…helps with so much more…

So how can you increase your water intake

Use a straw

Use a pretty bottle like the Energy Bud bottle with hourly tracking and motivational phrases

Add fruit

Drink two cups upon rising from sleep; drink a cup before every meal; drink a cup every time you go to the restroom; drink 2 cups before bed etc…

About the EnergyBud Bottle

The EnergyBud bottle is awesome.  It is a full gallon sized bottle available in clear, light blue (in photos) or pink and is BPA and BPS free.  .  It has hourly markers to tracking your water consumption as well as motivational phrases and is leakproof.

The unique design allows you grab the bottle with one hand, even when full.  Rather than being fully round it has two sides sort of collapsed in so you can easily grip it.  Honestly the sides collapsed in actually look like a mistake but it is a genius design.

It comes with a straw if you’d like to use it – you don’t need to, as well as a scrubbie brush for the bottle and a pipe cleaner to clean the straw.

There is a locking mechanism on the spout so the mouth piece is constantly covered and can be easily opened.  There are also side grooves that you can loop a carrying strap onto so you could carry the bottle with a should strap or even a hand strap.

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