Prevent eczema attacks by avoiding triggers

Eczema can be very painful when the itch doesn’t stop and you keep scratching the skin. The causes of eczema have not been determined conclusively yet. Usually doctors prescribe topical solutions like gels and lotions to ease the inflammation and reddening of the skin. Topical creams and lotions like Clobex are usually prescribed by doctors and these really help. To avoid the inflammation, the redness, the itching etc., you need to know the potential triggers and avoid them.


Yes, food can exacerbate your eczema. If you are allergic to a particular type of food, you should avoid it because it can aggravate your eczema singapore. To find out which foods are triggering your eczema, you should start by making notes of all the food that you consume every day. At the end of the day write down if your eczema has deteriorated or improved. After a few weeks you will know on which days your eczema deteriorated. Make a note of the foods you ate on those days. For example if you had consumed cheese on those days, avoid cheese in your diet and see if you are better. Try adding cheese to your diet after a few weeks and if your eczema starts to worsen you know that cheese is a trigger and you should avoid it completely. This is a rigorous process but you need to do this to know which foods can be eaten without worrying about your eczema.


Yes, stress can increase the inflammation. If you have eczema and if you are anxious or stressed you will mostly find an increase in itching and inflammation. The cortisol release is the reason for the increase in inflammation and the cortisol is released in big doses when you are stressed or anxious. The best way to beat stress and anxiety is to exercise regularly. But care must be taken because if you do heavy exercises and sweat a lot your condition could worsen, also make sure you exercise in a cooler environ because you will sweat a lot lesser. You can also try alternative methods like yoga and meditation. All these are known stress busters and when you are not stressed you will find that the incidence on eczema is less.


The clothes that you wear can cause an increase in itching and other eczema symptoms. Make sure that you wear clothes that are made of natural fabric like cotton. Polyester and other fabric are known to increase inflammation and itching. Even wool can worsen the condition. Try different clothes and use those clothes that are not promoting itching. The detergent that you use to wash your clothes can also worsen the condition because of the chemicals in them. Try to change to a sensitive detergent as it can really help your condition.


Perfumes and other scented products can aggravate the eczema. Try to avoid perfumes and scented products if you have eczema. If you have to use perfumes then use skin friendly perfumes.

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