What Kind of Stories Attract the Readers

No one can deny the fact that books are good sources of information. However, when this information is told in the form of a story, it has greater effects on its readers. Are you a thrill-seeker or own a romantic personality, looking for a book full of funny events or a serious tragedy? You can get a wide range of storybooks in your interests. For children, such stories help in their mental growth and development and for the adult, they provide a massive exploration of their interests. This blog like Huffpost is very useful where we will discuss kinds of stories that attract the readers the most: 

The Romantic Stories

Romance is fantasized by people of every age group. The romantic story is packed with love and emotions. Such passions and emotions are embarked intensively in human nature. We become so preoccupied with everyday life that we forget those emotions that exist in our nature. Readers imagine themselves in such a romantic story. They develop associations and bonding with characters. Many readers love such stories to learn and improvise such romantic practices with their couples, strengthening their relationships. One survey was conducted which revealed that relaxation, entertainment, and escapism are some of the reasons for readers attraction to romantic stories. It revolves around a major theme of a love story adorned with emotions, passions, and sensual relations that eventually extends and ends with a satisfying and happy ending.

The Adventurous Stories

An adventurous story is composed of exciting experiences of exploring, mountaineering, sky diving, scuba diving, or the narration of events during an exciting voyage. Such elements in an adventurous story mostly attract those readers who are very energetic, enthusiastic and are always ready to discover new adventurous ways to live their lives. It either revolves around a single heroic character like “Adventure of Tom Sawyer” or the group of heroes as we see in “Three Musketeers”. Some of these adventurous stories are based on real-life experiences that help the readers to learn to develop adventure in their lives.

The Scary Stories

It is often seen that parents forbid their children to watch a scary movie. They feel that such stories might weaken the hearts of their children. However, it is not the case at all. Children are very curious by nature. They love to read scary stories as this unveils mysteries and suspense underlying the story. The children love to manipulate the events in their way. They become experts in solving day-to-day affairs and resolving any suspicious mystery. They can even make their heart stronger. Children who are interested in reading such horror stories may easily differentiate between wicked and malevolent characters.

The Humorous Stories

In every story whether romantic, horror or thrilling, we will always come across a funny incident or humorous character at some part of the story. Such elements extremely give relief to its readers after being consecutively in the phase of being in the same stressful condition. However, some readers look for such humor not as a small element of a story but a complete package of humor in it. The readers are highly amused by punch lines, jokes, witty humor, and the use of interesting metaphors to your description.

The Historical Fiction

For the students who are interested in taking a closer look at the historical facts to get great benefits from such historical fiction. The reader experiences himself in the past social, cultural, political, and economic atmosphere educating its reader about the past. However, the characters discussed in such stories are sometimes imaginary or sometimes based on a real character sharing his true life experiences. Historical fictions like “Jarhead” and “Black Hawk Down” are very popular later on in which films were also directed.

The Tragic Stories

Some people are extremely sensitive b nature. They have a strong ability to empathize with the people around him. Such type of readers has a great interested in tragic stories. In this world of technology, there is a lack of elements like emotions, feelings, sympathy, and empathy. The person interested in sad and tragic stories strengthen his emotions and feel the pain of others. These people are selfless and reading such sad stories enhances more feelings in their character.


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