A Basic Guide to Sophisticated Golf Men

Most people think that they have an idea of what & how their golf style should be, but they get it wrong in many ways. Although golf is a sport, style is style, and your golf dressing should be stylish enough that you can go to a social gathering right from the golf club. Elevate your golfing style with thoughtful accessories like a mens leather golf bag. This not only adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble but also ensures the convenient and organized transport of your golf essentials in a stylish manner, seamlessly transitioning from the golf course to any social occasion.

Men’s golf fashion has taken dramatic turns in history-from hats to shorts & from colorful pants to white belts. Today, men’s golf attire has changed tremendously when compared with the past. Now when we see in the past it seems like a storm in a teacup. Today’s golf attire has much more to do with the appearance whether it’s about a professional player or someone playing it for enjoyment. 

Let’s have a look, how you can dress yourself up according to today men’s golf fashion 

Dress according to the body type

As stated, today’s attire is much more about the looks, golf dresses are also used to flatter the figure. People wear what suits them. So if you are physically fit, you can go for anything such as Cutter and buck pants & match them with Peter Millar shirts. They are available in all sizes and neutral or dark colors. 

If you are suffering from being overweight, consider matching the color of your gold pants and belt & use a shirt in contrasting color. Avoid excessive mix and match & keep your dressing as simple as possible. As for a thumb rule, you should opt for darker shades to make yourself appear slim and smart. 

Choose the right fit 

There’s no point of fashion and styling if your dress doesn’t fit you. To ensure perfection, your garments should appear tailored from head to toe. If you are deciding to wear a trouser consider combining it with a short sleeves shirt. 

On the other hand, if you are wearing a cutter and buck pant, you can combine it with a crown comfort shirt, long or short sleeves shirt, anything that you feel comfortable with. Remember that both your pants and the trouser should kiss the top (shirt).

Another go to option is the shorts, and short sleeves shirts always fit well with them. Be aware of the length of the shorts, as they should not fall below your knee or even above it. Only the right size will help you look well and play easily. 

Mix and match 

Mix and match various clothing items and other accessories. It really does not mean that they are telling you to match the shoes with the belt or the watch. Instead, consider personalizing the golf kit and gears. 

If you love to experiment with the looks, play fun with the colors but do not go overboard. As an illustration, if you opt for black pant, wear a white, mauve, or dusty pink top with it and matching shoes. Likewise, if you are wearing a beige pant, match it with a navy blue or black check or plain shirt and shoes. 

Whatever you wear, always remember that fashion is what suits you.  



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