Top 6 Reasons Why a Home Gym Is Better Than a Commercial Gym

Staying fit has a lot of rewards but the journey to these rewards is not an easy one. However, like it is said, a journey of a thousand miles always starts with a step. This initial step is the decision to start a fitness regime that you could either do at home or at a commercial gym.

Deciding where to do carry out your fitness program can be a tough one. While some people may be more comfortable staying back at home to exercise and train, some prefer going to a gym. There are many good reasons for making any of the two choices. However, we will be focusing on the benefits of having a home facility in this article.

To get started, you can check what the definition of a home gym is here. Armed with this knowledge, below are some benefits you get from owning your gym and training equipment at home.

Reasons to Own a Gym at Home

It Makes Working Out Easier

When you have all that you need for your workout at home and all you have to do is to just walk a short distance to where your equipment are, it may be easier to stick to your routine. On those days when you might be feeling lazy and not want to go out you are covered. If the weather is bad or your schedule does not permit your going to a commercial gym, you will still be able to go through with your workouts.

More so, you can exercise any time you are free or inspired even it is late at night when the training centers may not be open. In other words, you can have a flexible training schedule at home instead of the strict schedule you may have to stick with if you were to have your sessions in a commercial gym.

You Enjoy Your Privacy

Having a place to do your workouts and exercises at home enables you to have your private space to yourself. You can play the kind of music you prefer and at any volume you want. You do not have to wait in turn or in line for others to be done using the equipment before you have access to it.

With this, you are also more comfortable and you can concentrate on what you need to do. You can yell as much as you want and set up your space to your taste.


Working out alone removes any form of distraction that might come from having others around. You can focus and concentrate on what you have to do. This helps you get more accomplished which in turn ensures you can achieve better results.

You also do not have to worry about what other people think. You can take your time and do your workouts without anyone rushing you, breathing down your neck, or getting into your space.

You Save Money

The initial cost for setting up your gym can seem like a lot at the onset when compared to going to a commercial gym. However in the long run, it is cheaper. Adding up all the monthly subscriptions for membership over a year and more, you will probably have spent more than you would have on your home equipment. Note that these memberships are not necessarily cheap as most are expensive. A lot of people would have spent as much as would have helped them set up their home gym in subscriptions for about 2-3 years on a commercial fitness center.

What is more? You do not need to have all the equipment or buy all at once, you can always add to your collection and over time, you will have all the pieces you need. Also, since you and maybe your family are probably the only set of people using this equipment, they will last longer and will be in good shape for a long time before you will need to replace them. You can see how this can save you money in this article

You Save Time

This may not look like much but instead of consuming time driving to and from a gym with a possibility of getting into traffic, you can save the time and use it for other things that matter to you. You simply get more done since you will be exercising and working in the convenience of your home.

Another time saving factor is that you won’t have to wait in line for other people to be through with using the different sets of equipment before it is made available for your use, you can save these times used in waiting. Keep in mind that a lot of gyms do not allow people to use two equipment at the same time. All that time used up waiting, when added up, can be used for more productive activity.

It is Healthier

A reason for trying to stay fit is to remain healthy. Since you do not have to share your training gear with others, the risk of picking up any germs or viruses from other people is greatly reduced. Considering the current pandemic where most people cannot visit the exercise parlors, you can rest assured that your training and exercise routine will not be interrupted. You will also avoid coming in contact with sweaty bodies and body odor. When you are done, you can easily slide into your bathroom and take a shower instead of driving all the way home with a sweaty body or sharing the bathroom with others.

Setting Up Your Personal Gym

If you have decided to set up a personal training and exercise center in your home, you may be wondering how to go about it. Businesses such as Home Gym Mania can help supply you with the equipment and advice you need on setting this up. They will guide and help you with all that you need to set up and take care of lifting the heavy stuff so you do not have to worry about how you will do so.


Several advantages exist to owning a home gym and based on experience, people tend to stick to their exercise routines when they have what they need within reach. This coupled with the time and money saved plus the fact that you can have your privacy, makes it worthwhile.

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