Common Injuries Resulting From Vehicle Accidents


Car accidents are not unusual.  They happen all the time says Kevin Crockett, an Orange County car accident lawyer.  Just about daily on my commute to work there is at least one and sometimes many more on poor weather days.  We travel a great deal and on our weekend excursions, it is not uncommon for traffic to be backed up for miles and miles due to accident delays.  And you know those accident delays sometimes lead to even more accidents from either people focused on the accident or not focused on the delay.

These accidents can be anything from fender benders to fatal collisions. Personally, I have been hit many times and thankfully have only had minor injuries.  The damage to my vehicles is another story.  This is exactly why I tend to drive larger vehicles like trucks, SUVs, or Volvos.  Safety of course is critical when we purchase our vehicles.

Accidents kill or injure millions of people each year and when you need assistance you should consult with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer.  What are some common injuries that arise from these accidents?


The most common injury in an accident is whiplash, where a person’s head moves backward before moving forward with a large force.  Whiplash strains the muscles and tendons in the neck, causing them to stretch and tear.  This is one injury that I have suffered from and thankfully chiropractic care helped restore me to normal. Symptoms include pain in the neck and back, headaches, fatigue, and dizziness by straining the muscles and tendons in the neck causing them to stretch and tear.  Whiplash pain can linger for long periods of time. It is best to seek medical care immediately and possibly long-term afterward.  Whiplash can be mild or severe and may require some aftercare by a doctor to avoid further complications.

Scrapes and Cuts

Accidents can definitely be messy since you are dealing with glass, metal, sharp objects, and more.  That doesn’t even count any objects you may have in the car that can easily become airborne.  One of my friends ended up with a terrible injury due to having a snow scraper (long handle) in the front seat of her car.  Try to keep in mind how you are securing items in your vehicle – just in case.

Broken Bones

Car accidents put an abnormal amount of force on the body, and broken bones are common. Ribs are the most fragile and prone to injury in a wreck.  I have broken ribs and my sternum.  This can happen even with an airbag since that can deploy with great force.  Even a seatbelt and airbag can break your ribs when it is protecting you.  Just about any bones can be broken during a vehicle accident but most common are ribs, hips, shoulders, arms, and legs.

Head Injuries

I am not suggesting driving with a helmet on BUT head injuries are very common and anything from a slight concussion to traumatic brain injuries.  Even with a seatbelt, you can still hit your head or parts of the vehicle can come to you and hit you in the head.  The result is injuries that are subject to varying levels of force.  Flying debris, hitting the window, hitting the airbag, the dash, etc… are all ways to end up with head injuries.  Of course, they can be far worse if you are not wearing your seatbelt.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding can be difficult to diagnose immediately since it doesn’t always show up right away.  A person can easily think they have minor injuries only to find out within a period of time afterward that they are having trouble breathing, they are dizzy, internal pain, or some other symptoms that show up and are very concerning.  Medical attention should be sought immediately.


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