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4 Pro Tips For Watching Live TV From Anywhere

Most Millennials cut the cord years ago. Gen Zers are spending more than 10 hours online each day. Despite that, some of you still want to watch a show live here or there. But most of you don’t really have cable anymore (or never had it), which means you need some way to watch your favorite shows that still come on cable without paying hundreds of dollars a month for channels you don’t use just to see one or two shows or events. Enter the streaming app. Now, many people use Live TV features on their favorite apps like Hulu. If you don’t have cable, but you still want to watch live events, games, or TV show premieres, here are some pro tips for watching live TV from anywhere.

1. Get a TV Package Set Up in Your Home

Getting a TV package set up in your home can ensure you have the right equipment needed to watch your sports teams play live or watch live events and award shows on apps like NFL, MLB, NA, and UFC. With the right subscription, you can also watch the news and weather on apps like ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox News, and The Weather Channel. Whether you’re an iPhone user or an Android user, most providers can help you access the shows and channels you watch most often.

2. Download the Provider’s App on Your Phone and Tablet

Downloading your package provider’s app on your phone gives you access to a variety of apps that allow you to watch your favorite shows and live events on the go. So find the app in the App Store or the Google Play Store and you’ll be able to watch what you want when you want. If you want to watch live TV events like the GRAMMYs and other award shows, you can tune in via whatever network app is streaming it. For example, you might have to download the Fox app, the CBS app, the NBC app, or the ABC app.

3. Get a Good Pair of Headphones

If you truly want to be able to watch live TV from anywhere, you’ll need a decent pair of headphones. Whether you want to get a cheap pair or spring for an expensive pair (like AirPods or Beats headphones) is up to you. But if you want to be able to hear what you’re watching in any environment, headphones are kind of a necessity. With a good pair of headphones, you can tune out on long trips or just in the comfort of your bedroom after the kids go to sleep. Whatever the case, you’ll be glad you have a decent pair of headphones to block outside noise.

4. Find a Good Speaker

If you’re going to be watching live TV from, say, a hotel room or somewhere where you can play it out loud, think about getting a good portable Bluetooth speaker. That way, you can watch your favorite shows, sports, and live events in style and hear every word clearly. A speaker can even help transform your experience by making it feel like you’re in a theater or like you’re actually at the event you’re watching. Start browsing and invest in a good portable Bluetooth speaker you can take anywhere you go.

Watching Live TV From Anywhere

Watching live TV from anywhere is a lot easier than it used to be. With nearly every network coming out with their own app and live TV subscription services, you’ll be well-equipped to watch your shows on your time no matter where you are. So invest in a good pair of headphones, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and download the apps mentioned above for the best live TV viewing experience possible.


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