Why Choose Linen for Your Bedding and Household Accessories

Staying in a 5-star hotel is all about the luxury experience. One of the factors that makes a 5-star establishment stand above its lower-ranked competitors is the choice of bedding. The touch of the bedding sets provided will leave you mesmerized, linen being used in order to provide you with magnificent comfort that can’t be found when the material is substituted for cheaper alternatives. Linen is one of the oldest textiles are known to man and has always been associated with wealth and affluence. Linen is known for being the household material of choice for duvets sets, curtains, bedding, table runners, and pillowcases, as well as being popular worldwide for clothing.

What Makes Linen So Popular?

To tell you the truth, if you are looking for extravagance and shimmering bedding, satiny velvet will suit you far more than linen. Linen is so much more down-to-earth, using flax fibers that are weaved organically. Linen provides an approach to laundry that is suave and humble, yet booming and vibrant. There are so many reasons you should choose a linen for your bedding and household decoration. In this article, we will take a look at the core benefits of opting for linen as opposed to the vast array of alternatives you can find on the market.

  • Linen is extremely durable and known to be three times stronger than standard cotton fabrics.
  • Linen is lightweight and modest, ensuring that it is perfect for every occasion
  • Linen deflects heat and absorbs sweat, making it the perfect choice for summer
  • Linen is exquisite and elegant, coming with an aura of splendor you simply won’t find with other materials.
  • Linen requires no special aftercare as it is organically made and can be machine washed and left to dry in the sun.

Tips for Enhancing your Internal Décor with Linen

Linen can work for you in so many ways; there are simply no restrictions as to where you can introduce linen in your home. Here are some tips from the Magiclinen collection that will ensure you introduce linen into all fragments of your household.

  • Bedding Sets

Linen signifies luxury and affluence. So, imagine yourself sprawled on your linen duvet, setting the ambiance of your room with so dimly light that will highlight perfectly your linen bedding set. Linen allows you to breathe as you sleep, looking enigmatic and seeping prosperity. The perfect bedding set includes a down duvet!

  • Sofa Covers

When you introduce linen sofa covers to your drawing room, your visitors will be impressed by the serenity and luxury they bring to your abode. Simply replacing your old and tired-looking sofa covers with linen ones will ensure a serene aura comes over your lounge or sitting room.

  • Coasters

Linen is often used as the material of choice for coasters as linen is very absorbent. The dyed fabric found in linens is also known for its heat-reflective qualities, making linen the perfect, washable material for your coasters.

  • Bathroom Essentials

There are plenty of linen bathroom accessories to choose from that will transform your bathroom into a luxurious paradise. Choose from breathable face and hand towels to full-sized bath towels that are perfect for creating a swish ambiance in the smallest room of your home.

Linen is also the perfect choice of material for durable yet lightweight curtains. Bathrobes, kitchen aprons, table runners, and much more asides are also available for your eco-friendly and organically-inspired home.



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