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Lately I have been searching for an upper arm blood pressure monitor and my search led me to Sinocare’s Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.  I have some auto immune disorders that require me to take medication daily – lots of meds depending upon whether I am going through a flare or whether the symptoms are calm at the moment.  There are also times that I get sick from other things since my immune system is suppressed.  As a result I track my blood pressure daily.  This is something I highly recommend anyone do if they have chronic illnesses.  For me this tracking allows me to see in a snapshot when some things may have started to act up – before I even notice it.  Eventually I am able to watch these patterns and take extra steps to keep from getting really sick. I definitely consider this blood pressure cuff part of my proactive approach to my own health.

This Sinocare Upper Arm Blood Pressure cuff is perfect.  First of all it is priced very affordably at less than $30 on Amazon.  This cuff is so amazing and I love it.  It is easy to use straight out of the box.  There is the monitor device and the cuff.  That is it – just two pieces as well as the instructions.

The cuff “plugs” right into the monitor – there is only one spot it can go in so there is no way to make a mistake.

The cuff is a large size cuff to just just about any adult.  It is too large for a child – that would need a smaller cuff.

The cuff slides onto the upper arm easily and just velcros over to hold it in place.

The monitor is the best piece – I love it.  This monitor has verbal instructions.  It even goes so far as to say while we are testing, please refrain from speaking (or something to that effect).  There is a memory function that can hold data for two people, up to 90 readings and can display the average of the last three readings and can even detect irregular heartbeats.

Its display is large – very visible numbers and readings with an LCD backlit display – no glasses needed.  You do have the option to shut the voice off but I prefer it to be on.

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