Tips To Take Care of Your Skin Naturally

Once I turned 50 it became clear that I needed to take steps to care for my skin.  With allergies and medical conditions I need to care for my skin as naturally as I can.  I was horrible with my skin when I was younger.  Seriously – when I think back on it I wonder why my parents never said anything or even tried to change what I was doing.  But they were young parents and back that we didn’t know what we know now.

Even with that I spent my entire life with people complimenting me on my skin, clear complexion etc… Because of that I also never spent years wearing makeup or anything so I actually think that continued to help my skin.  But now in my 50s I am starting to have skin coloring changes and wish to keep my skin tone a little more even than it is.  I still don’t wear makeup much – at all – but I want to care for my skin as best I can.

Tips for healthy skin at any age

Drink lots of water

Hydration plays a critical role in all aspects of your health but it is especially critical for healthy skin.  Not only does it keep your skin looking healthy but it keeps the critical systems in your body operating properly.  Drinking things like soda are not the answer – the answer is water and perhaps flavoring it with fruits.

Plenty of Rest

In my younger years I could easily survive on 3-4 hours sleep.  I think back to my college years where I was working a full time job and going to college full time.  I was never sleeping.  Now I find that not only does my skin appear more healthy with appropriate rest but I also feel so much better and healthy with adequate sleep.  I try very hard to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.  Sometimes it can be difficult to fall asleep so I listen to relaxation sounds or even use a noise machine – it is very soothing.  Find something that can help you relax and get the best sleep you can.

Healthy Diet

Recently I have switched to a vegan diet.  I am not saying vegan is the best option for everyone but I do believe a diet with the fewest preservatives as possible is best for overall health including skin health.  Eating food that is packed full of vitamins and minerals is exactly what the human body needs.  Sure you can get some from supplements but it is always better to get them naturally.


Getting daily exercise is very helpful.  It keeps your circulation healthy which in turn allows you to have healthy skin.  The exercise can be anything from walking, yoga, running, biking to pilates.

No soap

Do not use soap on your skin – it can completely dry your skin out.  It is best to use a cleanser specifically designed for face and skin.  My personal favorite is Cetaphil but find one that works for you.


I highly recommend going for massages when possible for overall health and wellness as well as the benefits on your skin.  I try to make it a priority at least once a month.

Face Masks

Lastly I recommend organic face masks.  Not only do I love how pampered my skin feels but it is something I do often with my daughters and it is great for our bonding and wonderful quality time.


When I do wear makeup my favorite is Amanda Jo Organic Bunny subscription boxes.  I like a natural brand that I can count on and one that I am happy for my daughters to wear.

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