Essential Skin Care Tips To Follow In Summer Days


It’s very encouraging to see that many people became skincare aware and not only in the summer days. Even though we’re at the very last days of summer, it’s good to remind you about some tips that might come quite handy in the upcoming days. The blazing sun and heat have no mercy, especially on our skin. Pollution and other environmental issues also influence the skin’s natural radiance, leaving it too greasy, dull, and inflamed. Read more to understand how summer changes the quality of your skin and what you can do to keep healthy, smooth skin.

The intensity of the sun’s rays causes tanning by producing more melanin. While we’re aware that melanin makes the skin darker, it also relates to the sunburnt, pre-aged skin prone to skin cancer. The summer heat can make your pores wider, getting clogged with dirt and oil, causing acne and blemishes.

Prevent further problems

Change your face wash routine

As you move from colder to warmer days, you should remember that your facewash has to change. While in winter, the nourishing facewash routine does wonders, in summer, you’d want a face wash that can draw out the excess oil from your skin to keep a healthy, smooth skin. If your skin is dry, consider using a non-foaming cleanser, also suitable for those that have combined skin. Wash your face at least two times per day to keep your skin clean, flawless, and refreshed.

Include Antioxidants

Review and invest in a good antioxidant serum during summer days. This serum will hydrate your skin and protect you from pollution. Antioxidants also help in preventing your skins from aging and will boost collagen production. It is a great addition for those with combination skin and normal to oily skin during summer. Remember that antioxidants give the best results when you include them in your diet as well. Make sure you eat enough citrus fruits, nuts, greens, and leafy vegetables to have younger, elastic skin.

Protection is a must

When we say that you should protect yourself from sun rays, it is not only sunscreen that counts. If you were careless about your sun exposures in the past and didn’t mind spending time outdoors when the sun had a high UV index, think again now. Your bad decisions will further reflect on the health of your skin, one way or another. Wear light and bright clothing and always have proper sunscreen for both your face and body. If you must be outdoors when the sun is at its peak hours, sunglasses, hats, or trendy scarfs work like a charm for face and hair protection. One tip from us – if you need to get something done outdoors, first check whether you can finish that job online or postpone it for later in the evening. Shopping, administrative work, and even networking with peers can be done online while you relax with good music or play bingo on some of the online bingo sites.

Value natural products

Exclusive skin formulas and expensive serums work great for a lot of people. However, remember that your kitchen might be your beauty spot for the best toners and moisturizers on a budget. You might be familiar with the information that some food products are excellent summer skincare additions. Cucumbers, yogurt, oatmeal, coffee, and many more can be used as masks and moisturizers in the summer days. Moreover, make sure you always carry a cooling mist in your bag. Spray it on every few hours to keep your skin cool and hydrated. Don’t underestimate the amount of water you need to drink during the day or the cold-water showers in the evening. All these will prevent excessive drying and inflammation.


Last but not least- don’t be afraid of all the things we mentioned above. Sunlight helps us produce more serotonin which boosts our mood. That’s precisely why cloudy days can make you feel low and with no energy. Make sure you balance the outdoor exposures with a good skin regime, and you’ll protect yourself from the harmful impact of sun rays.


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