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5 Collectable Toy & Action Figure Gift Ideas

Your inner child is shouting to buy more action figures to be added to your collections! Happiness and satisfaction come when you give something to someone and when they give something to you. If you plan on giving a gift to someone who is a toy collector, here are some recommendations I can provide.

  • Fallout Nanoforce Series Action Figures

To all post-apocalyptic avid gamer out there, here’s a special treat for you! This collection contains a complete set of the Fallout Nano Series Army, a great addition to your action figure collection. If you know someone who loves playing the game, these action figures will be a special treat as well. Feel free to check this link for a variety of Fallout action figures and collectibles.

  • Star Wars Vintage Collection 2020 Action Figures Wave 6

May the force be with you! If you are a fan of Star Wars, you will love this set of action figures. Each of these Vintage Collection Action Figure comes with different kinds of accessories like lightsabers, blasters, etc. Its scale is 3 ¾ inch and it comes with retro packaging. This collection features classic characters that I highly recommended to people who have been an avid fan of Star Wars.

  • G.I Joe Snake Eyes 1:6 Scale Action Figure

Everything about G.I. Joe is phenomenal. Snake Eyes can be a silent person, but his action figure speaks loudly. ThreeZero company released a picture of an upcoming 12- inch Snake Eye action figure in a tactical outfit. Snake Eye includes accessories such as pistols, Uzi submachine gun, knife, grenades, etc. Cobra commander better get ready for a fight! If you’re planning to give a gift to someone who is a G.I Joe fan, then this Snake Eyes action figure is a must.

  • Super 7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Raphael

Cowabunga, dudes! If you love TMNT and saw some of their previous collections, you will love this new updated Raphael look. Do not miss the chance to buy this 7 – inch super-articulated action figure. The creators kept in mind to keep Raphael’s ripped looks and facial expressions. Relive the excitement of the classic TMNT characters with their action figure set. There are different kinds of action figures for TMNT and I highly recommend getting these for your collection. If you plan to get this as a gift for a person who loves TMNT, then this will make them thrilled!

  • Winter Soldier Marvel Legends Action Figure

Heads up! Another action figure that is best recommended as a gift is this Winter Soldier Marvel Legends action figure. This is one of Hasbro’s products as well. If you are a marvel fan, you will definitely feel enlivened about this one. The design and color bring the figure to life nicely. The high-quality 6- inch figure features articulation in multiple points and it comes with a premium design which makes it a great addition to any action figure collection. Surprise a Marvel fan with Winter Soldier Marvel Legends action figure and the person you’re giving this to will definitely become delighted.

With this list, I’m pretty sure you will have a rough idea of what to add to your collection by now. If not, here is another list of collectibles on Pop-Culture Collectibles you should definitely get you hands-on.  Life’s too short to stress out on things, get that collectible set! Let’s treat ourselves to some childhood nostalgia once in a while, okay?


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