How To Get Your Skin Cancer Check Brisbane?


If your skin is fair and you spent lots of time in the sun, it is a better idea to ask your doctor if you should get a regular skin cancer check done. This skin cancer check in Brisbane by a regular doctor or a SunDoctors Skin Cancer Clinic and Dermatologist. Skin help find a skin that could be cancer or might turn into it someday. That is important because skin cancer is the most common type but it is also easy to treat if you catch it early.

Before the Check

It is better to look over your skin yourself before the appointment so you can point out anything that you feel is odd. Check every part of the skin, including your scalp, behind your ears, under your arms, and between your buttocks. You can use a full-length mirror or a hand mirror to see hard-to-reach places. You can note any moles or growths that  –

  •     Are New
  •     Changed over time
  •     Itch
  •     Bleed

What Happens During The Full-body Exam?

The screening normally takes 10 minutes or longer, if the doctor finds any moles that look unusual. You have to take off all your clothes and put on a medical exam gown. The doctor will ask if you have any moles that concern you  Then she will look at every part of your body from your face, chest, and arms, back, and legs to less visible places like your scalp, between your toes, and the soles of your feet.

A primary care physician or gynecologist can perform a pap smear to check for a cervical cancer jab singapore.

What Is The Doctor Looking For?

During a skin cancer check the doctor checks for the ABCDE’s, of each mole, which are all possible signs of skin cancer.

  •     Asymmetric – not the same shape on both sides
  •     Border irregularity – ragged or blurred edges
  •     Color – different shades of tan, brown or black
  •     Diameter – larger than 1/4th inch
  •     Evolving – changes over time.

Your doctor will check for actinic keratosis, the changes caused by sun damage that, without treatment, can turn into cancer.

A Mole Biopsy

A visual check of your skin finds only moles that are cancerous. It will tell you that you have it. The only method to diagnose the condition is with a biopsy. If the doctor thinks a mole is a problem, she will give you a shot of numbing medicines, then scrape off as much of the mole as possible, you should not feel pain, only pressure. She will send the sample of the mole to a lab where the pathologist checks it under a microscope for cancer cells. If the biopsy shows skin cancer the doctor will let you know the next step and what kind of treatment may be right for you. You may like to ask for a second opinion since it may be hard to tell the difference between a sample theft, not cancerous, and one that is.


Skin cancer screening is only for adults who are at increased risk. That is because they have a high chance of getting the disease. Being at increased risk does not mean you will definitely have skin cancer. But you may need to begin regular screening exams. So if you do get skin cancer, the doctor finds it at its earliest days. When found early, the chances of successfully treating the disease are greatest.


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