Invest in WordPress Instagram Plugins and buy Instagram comments for Interactive Feeds

Instagram today has a userbase of over 1 billion and is becoming one of the quickest growing social networks globally. Additionally, it has a firm stranglehold on a few industry verticals. From cooking to fitness, fashion to music, brands, and business owners often opt-in for Instagram to showcase their vibrant images, which creates a way for constant communication.

Why should you buy Instagram comments?

Instagram is a great platform to initiate constant communication with your followers and customers. And when you are starting your Instagram account, it is good to buy Instagram comments to create further comments. It would help other followers to follow a communication thread add more to the conversation stream. Today, service providers specialize in this and allow you to purchase the comments you want to buy and add to your business Instagram profile.

One of the reasons for Instagram being such a great tool for brands is its simplicity. It allows you to take an image using your Smartphone device, add a filter, and post online without getting connected to a computer. It is quicker than several other social networks, and the images look professional as well. If your brand already has an Instagram account, it’s is essential to use the content on your WordPress website. For this, you need to opt-in for Instagram WordPress plugins for interactive feeds.

Your company may already have an Instagram account; so it’s a shame not to use that content on your website. Some of the best WordPress Instagram plugins are easy to use as the Instagram platform itself. Are you thinking of why you need to add your Instagram images to a WordPress site? If yes, the following pointers might help you:

  • Instagram images are more vibrant and appealing than regular website images. Hence, it can add a level of excitement to any brand.
  • It provides you with the option of pushing user-generated content on Instagram. Brands and business owners can ask for images close to their store or their products and use them. You can send it to your website so that the new customers get to see the same.
  • Brands and business owners have the scope to moderate their Instagram content from a single place. Many of them are searching for their websites very often. And since there are several WordPress Instagram plugins, you can respond to comments and set the images without moving away from the website.
  • You have the scope to maximize the Instagram follower count as the people who arrive to check the website might never think of following your brand on Instagram.
  • Your Instagram feed maximizes site engagement, and people might find it better to linger here for a longer time to browse through the images.

Here are a few plugins that you can use for an interactive Instagram feed:

  1. Instagram Feed

The plugin is simple to configure and provides you tools to showcase your images and connect with various Instagram accounts. Most of the features you need are available with the free plugin version. If you want to upgrade to the pro version, you might need to pay around $39 pr $79 based on the websites you will use the plugin. The pro version users get to use a pop-up lightbox feature that allows improved viewing and other options for showcasing posts using hashtags. It also offers your video support and image caption.

  1. WP Instagram Widget

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of downloading any plugin that has all the styling features, this plugin is the correct option for you. The WP Instagram Widget is an essential plugin, which means the developers have left it to the users to style their Instagram feed gallery with their CSS. If you don’t want excess styling or happen to be a developer, this plugin can be of fair use. The users also need to have a basic idea about coding to make changes around heading, sizes, and colors.

  1. Instagram Slider Widget

Instagram Slider Widget gets you two famous designs in the Instagram feed world. The initial one is the Instagram widget slider that reduces the sidebar’s image, which can get showcased on all pages. Additionally, the slider scrolls through the images allowing the users to view various photos. The next option is a front-end widget thumbnail, a gallery but is smaller as the pictures are in thumbnails. The slider has 12 recent images on the Instagram page. Users can leverage the hashtag feature, apt for tapping in a specific topic highlighting the pictures.

These are the three crucial Instagram WordPress plugins to showcase the content and encourage the users to get into a conversation. It will help you to promote content on both platforms and attract more followers.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Instagram is a highly visual platform that allows users to share photos and videos. As a result, it has become an ideal platform for businesses that have a strong visual element, such as fashion, beauty, food, and travel. Instagram allows businesses to showcase their products and services in an engaging and creative way, which can help increase brand awareness and generate instagram reels

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