Five Guys Restaurants – The Best Fries In Town

When I was young going to a fast food restaurant was a rare luxury.  There wasn’t a fast food restaurant in town so if we wanted to go to one we needed to travel a half hour.  Our kids would never understand that since there are literally fast food restaurants on every street corner – even where we live and we live in a suburban type area.

My kids are now older and we do occasionally go out.  I am definitely not interested in the traditional fast food restaurants though my kids still love to go out.  Enter Five Guys!  This restaurant is sort of a combination of everything the kids and I love.  We still get the opportunity to go out, it is affordable and we all enjoy it.

The fries are amazing – they are well known for their fries and if you go there I suggest strongly you focus on the fries and the only way to do that is get a whopping batch of their handcrafted fries.

In addition to the handcrafted fries they have handcrafted burgers – hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bacon burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, BLTs and veggie sandwiches.  I focus on the fries and veggie sandwiches but the kids are all about the burgers and fries AND their amazing milkshakes.  Don’t worry about the calories at Five Guys – just enjoy the atmosphere and your family.

Five Guys is taking COVID very seriously and has implemented strict employee health and hygiene protocols, wellness checks, enhanced cleaning, hand sanitizers, social distancing and limited seating.  They also offer delivery, curbside pickup and limited seating inside the restaurants.  Remember to wear masks yourself when entering the restaurants and only remove the mask for eating.

Their first restaurant was in Arlington Virginia and started by the Murrell brothers.  They started with hand formed burgers and hand cut fries cooked in peanut oil.  Their burgers come with full toppings and homemade buns.  In 2003 they started becoming a franchise operation and were overwhelmingly successful.  Now there are 1500 open and 1500 in the works.

The Five Guys restaurants are very family friendly and we have never had any issues.  My son is 20 years old and autistic and dining out at some restaurants can be a bit of a challenge.  But the fast line, delicious food and patient staff has always made our experience pleasant.  My son can easily place his own order and I love the fact that the menu is what I would consider fairly basic – he doesn’t need to get confused about options.

Best of all every employee I have ever seen at any Five Guys restaurant seems to be very happy to be working there.  Five Guys Daphne Alabama is looking for employees right now.  In this time of COVID there are jobs and Five Guys can help.   I took my family to a non-Five Guys restaurant once and the workers were screaming and yelling at each other across the entire dining room.  Do you know what that does to an autistic child (adult)?  It causes them to spiral.  I have never had an issue at Five Guys – not once.


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