Is this the best decaf coffee in the UK?

The United Kingdom is home to some of the best coffee products in the world. The British love their coffee, after all. It makes them feel warm and alert in the morning and throughout each day. But now, there is a growing trend toward decaffeinated coffee in the UK. The question is, which decaf coffee is the best there?

If you don’t drink coffee for the caffeine boost, then you’re probably drinking it for the taste. Some people would argue that decaf coffee does not taste as good as regular caffeinated coffee. The truth is you can find plenty of tasty decaf coffee products in the UK imported from all over the world. Do you want to know which one is the best?

Presto Decaf Roast: House Decaffeinated Blend

We recommend the Presto Decaf Roast product. It contains decaf coffee beans from Latin America, which have been lightly roasted to provide a uniquely complex taste for consumers. Since the product has a coffee bean blend, you’ll taste a mixture of floral and honey peanut flavouring as the liquid swishes around your mouth and tongue.

After you finish your cup of coffee, the sweet honey floral taste will stay in your mouth for a good long while. You won’t usually have this experience with other types of decaf coffee. They typically offer a mild taste that dissipates fast after you drink the coffee. Presto Decaf Roast is unique because it leaves you satisfied because of its original house blend of rich coffee beans.

Why Decaf Coffee Tastes Different in the First Place

Critics would argue that more caffeinated coffee products are available, and they taste better than decaf. While this might be true, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Presto Decaf Roast tastes excellent. And if you’re someone looking to quit caffeine, you’ll appreciate the freedom of indulging in decaf coffee without getting addicted to a caffeine high.

Have you ever wondered why decaf coffee tastes different in the first place? The reason has to do with the decaffeinating process of the coffee beans. Since you cannot find regular coffee beans in nature that do not have caffeine, it must be extracted from the beans separately.

The caffeine is extracted with a special solvent, such as ethyl acetate or dichloromethane. Unfortunately, other natural chemicals get extracted along with the caffeine. These are the chemicals responsible for giving caffeinated coffee its great taste. But it’s not the only thing that can make coffee taste great.

How decaf coffee beans are roasted and blended plays a role in how the brewed coffee will taste. Presto Decaf Roast uses a unique Latin American blend, which makes it taste as good as caffeinated coffee. It is mildly roasted enough to retain much of its original flavour during the decaffeinating process. And the blend of coffee beans sets it apart from every other decaf coffee product. You will enjoy the taste immensely.

Is this the Best Decaf Coffee in the UK?

Many of the best decaf coffee products come from outside of the UK. Aside from the Presto Decaf Blend, many British people enjoy Pelican Rouge Roasters from Belgium. It offers a tasty blend of Arabica and Robusta decaf coffee beans roasted in almond. If you’re looking to prepare a decaf espresso or cappuccino, this would be the blend to use.

Other great tasting decaf coffee products in the UK include the Nespresso Decaffeinato Variety, Illy Decaffeinated Ground Coffee, Moreish Decaf Coffee, and Nescafe Golf Blend Decaf Instant Coffee.

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