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Most Expensive Areas in East Sussex

The average cost of a property in East Sussex in the past 12 months was £359,000, so we thought we would provide a rundown of the top 5 most expensive areas. Please see below.

  1. Ditchling

The most expensive place in East Sussex is the old village of Ditchling, where a property on average will set you back an eye opening £740,000.

  1. Wadhurst

Second on our list is the historic market Wadhurst, where a property will cost £555,000 based on recent sales in the past year.

  1. Ovingdean

Third on our list is Ovingdean, where from 10 sales, the average price of a property was £548,000.

  1. Rottingdean

The fourth most expensive place was the coastal village of Rottingdean with an average cost of £507,000.

  1. Lewes

And finally, in fifth place is Lewes where a property on average will set you back £502,000.


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