Unconventional Wedding Surprise Ideas You Might Enjoy

Wedding surprises are a fun way to entertain your guests and make your wedding memorable, not just for you and your groom but for everyone involved. 

If you’re looking for unusual ways to surprise your guests at your wedding, check out the following unconventional wedding surprise ideas below.

  • Include Cultural Rituals

If you or your parents come from a different country, why not include cultural activities at your wedding? There are many unique wedding rituals that you can include depending on where you come from. There is a hand-binding ceremony, sand ceremony, unity candle, and more.

For example, if you have Chinese blood, you can incorporate bowing to each other during the ceremony or include a Chinese tea ceremony. For the reception, you can also change into a traditional wedding attire or do a traditional wedding dance instead.

  • Surprise Wedding Performance

Surprise entertainment has become very popular to the point that it’s almost expected for every wedding. If you want a surprise performance for your wedding, though, you may still be able to manage a ‘surprise’ by including a quirky element.

For instance, you can do a choreographed dance with your groom wearing matching costumes from your favorite movies, books, places, etc. Ever-Pretty is always a good place to shop for wedding dresses, wedding guest dresses, and bridesmaid dresses in unique and fashion-forward styles.

If you’re the groom and you want to surprise your bride with a dance, instead of doing a flash mob with the groomsmen, as is usual, why not inject an unexpected element and turn it into a musical, singing line from your vows? You can also incorporate props in your routine, like a flower bouquet you can hand over to her at the end of your performance.

  • Play A Prank

Is your groom a die-hard fan of a celebrity? You don’t have to break your budget by inviting the celebrity over just to surprise him. Instead, hire a celebrity look-alike

Having a famous personality sauntering in your reception will cause quite a stir with your guests, not to mention cause your groom’s jaw to fall on the floor.

  • Create a Guest Activity Zone

If you’re having a lawn cocktail party, you can amuse your guests by creating an activity zone where they can play lawn games, like giant Jenga, balloon dart, or giant tic-tac-toe. 

If lawn games are not your thing, you can create a make-your-own-cocktail bar for your guests to mix their own drinks and have fun at the same time. In addition to this, there are still other variations that you can do, like make-your-own-icecream with nitrogen.

You can also make a kid’s table if you have kids as guests on top of your entourage. Fill it with activity books and crayons. Don’t forget to keep handy a liberal number of treats to distract them with.

  • Live Event Painting

Hire a live event painter not just to paint the event as it unfolds but also to paint your guests as they enjoy the occasion. You can give it as a gift later, so they don’t just come home with the usual photo booth pictures. 

This is a nice way for your guests to remember your wedding and will surely leave a deep impression.

  • Confetti/Fireworks

Confetti is always a surprise and nice to have in the momentous part of the wedding. You can do this at your grand entrance as Mr & Mrs or your exit. Doing so will add a festive vibe to the celebration. You can easily buy fireworks online for your celebration.

If budget isn’t a problem, you can hire specialists for a firework display. If you want fireworks without the price tag, try using smokeless sparklers. Have your coordinator hand one to each of your guests and cue them on when to light them up. 

  • Replace The Usual Bridal Car

Instead of using boring bridal cars as a getaway, escape with something unconventional and fun like a motorcycle! Do you know how to drive one? Then, it would be cool to have each of you driving your own. Don’t let the occasion or your dress stop you from making it look like a scene from a movie. 

If a motorcycle is too much to handle, try a Vespa. The tone-down version will be a bicycle. Also, it would also be cute to drive away in golf carts. As a suggestion, you can DIY the golf cart to match your wedding theme.

You Can Wow Your Guests!

Dig into your creative self or use these suggestions to surprise your guests on your special day. Create a super fun and extraordinary wedding your guests won’t likely forget for a long time.

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