How To Keep Your Home Presentable For Guests And Visitors

I remember my childhood days. Mum could announce that guests are coming next weekend. That meant we should clear the bushes, thoroughly clean the house and ensure every other thing is presentable.

However, there’s that bunch of visitors who only announced their coming while they were a several miles away! The entire house is decluttered. Utensils are dirty, some still lying on the dining table! The floor is messed up and the carpet stained! Where do you start? How do you keep your home presentable for such guests and visitors?

Attend To The Entrance

Start by attending to the areas that you’re sure your guests will have access to. Of course, the entrance is one such place. Since everyone goes through the entrance when coming and leaving home, it could be completely messed up. There could also be dead leaves from the nearby flowers or trees. Quickly, sweep the dust and dead leaves as fast as possible.

If shoes are lying there, take them to another room, you can attend to them later.

Declutter The Living Room

We all have this one problem, looking around whenever we visit somewhere. It can be a house you’re used to visiting once in a while, but you’ll still want to look around when you visit again. This is why we cannot help but declutter the living room really quick when you know guests are coming.

While they might not say a word, you’ll notice their eyes looking straight to the clutter. You don’t need an interpreter; that’s simple sure sign language! To avoid that, quickly pick all the clutter and carry it to a room that they cannot access. Moreover, it is always recommended to get help from any professional apartment cleaning service before arranging big party.

Wipe The Furniture

Rule of thumb, always have a cotton cloth specifically for wiping tables in the living room. Avoid using one cotton cloth to attend to all tables in your entire house. So, swiftly wipe all the tables. There’s not much time for perfection; you’re only trying to improve the appearance of your home.

So, keep going without feeling guilty! You can rearrange the tables just to give a new look, too.

Set The Table

Your visitors just announced they’re coming. Most likely, there is no food for them, just a few drinks, right? Hence, check on your glasses. Are they clean? Wipe them; dust might have accumulated on them. If they’ve not been in use for long, you might have to wash them before drying them. Next, set them on the table, probably with a jug of fruit juice and fresh fruits next to them.

Clean Up The Bathroom

It’s unlikely that your guests and visitors will leave before anyone visits the bathroom. Therefore, take a few minutes to clean the bathroom. This is one place that can make your guests regret their visit to your home or live to remember it due to its cleanliness. Take your gloves; wipe the faucet handles, the toilet basin and its covers, and the bathroom counters. Finally, ensure there are enough tissues in there. If possible, add a natural odor absorber before walking out.


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