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Challenges of Teaching Children

The job of preschool teachers seems enjoyable to many. Well, it does have that ‘cute’ part attached to it, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges and difficulties. Trying to make little children behave, and make them learn something at the same time is not easy at all. Someone who is new to the profession of a preschool teacher will find it quite overwhelming when they are just starting out. Well, that’s not surprising, because even seasoned preschool teachers often find themselves in a situation where they just don’t know what to do. It would be much better for preschool teachers to know about the potential challenges of teaching children beforehand, and prepare to tackle them. Capstone: An Acton Academy conducts pre teaching training so that teachers gets prepared to face all these challenges. In this article, I would like to mention some common challenges associated with teaching preschool children. You’d be able to deal with these challenges much better by knowing so.

It is important to have the appropriate tools to teach students properly.  Tools such as podiums, whiteboards, and computers are essential for instruction.

Point to be noted, if you are a preschool teacher who no longer enjoys working with little children and trying to teach them something new, you are not out of options, as Suzanne Klein’s Blog has some amazing tips for you.

Without any further due, let’s discuss the challenges!

The Kids Themselves

Well, it is quite obvious. The kids themselves are not easy to handle at all. Most preschool children are not even seven and don’t know how to receive their lessons. Very often, they are too playful and don’t see the point in learning new things. In addition, they don’t want to stay without their parents. You will find yourself in situations where a kid won’t stop crying and looking for his mama. It is also difficult to communicate with them, as they don’t tend to understand logic and reason. Some cranky children will not heed what you say and just want to be themselves. Preschool teachers are expected to understand the unique needs of such children and communicate with them effectively in their own language to teach them new things in disguise for playtime. Don’t get annoyed when you have to act like a child so that the child listens to you and behaves appropriately. You must be patient and intelligent to care for them properly and effectively. Remember, many of these children will probably receive their first-ever formal education from you, and the experience they receive will stay with them forever.

Entitled Parents

I have not met a single preschool teacher who hasn’t dealt with entitled parents. These entitled parents behave like adult kids and make so many unreasonable requests. You need to expect some parents to be unreasonable, and you will have to find ways to ensure they don’t affect your daily lesson plans. You will mainly encounter these parents when they drop off their children or pick them up. Try to listen to what they say, and politely make them understand when they make an unreasonable request. You should frame your reasonings around how you are doing what is needed for the betterment of their children. Even entitled parents love their children a lot, and they will most likely listen to you if they understand that you are working in the best interest of their kids.


To be honest, this is true for literally any school teacher. Teachers are assigned a plethora of paperwork by default. You will be responsible for keeping track of attendance, a record of their activities, class routines, lesson progress, meal planning, and so on. You will have additional responsibilities to carry out other than just delivering the lessons. On top of that, you will also have to evaluate your students’ exam papers and provide them with feedback that they understand. Many teachers find all these tiresome and boring to some extent. The Paper is barely interesting, to be honest.

Lack of Recognition

Many preschool teachers feel demotivated because they don’t get the recognition they deserve from society. People tend to think that being a preschool teacher is easy and anyone can do that. Well, don’t feel disheartened because of that. You should try to cater to your student’s needs as much as possible. Despite not getting enough recognition from society, you will still feel happy when your students will shower you with love when you treat them right. Nothing is more wholesome than a 5-year-old smiling at you and telling you that he loves you. Recognition from your students is the only recognition that matters, and you should try to get that instead of looking for validation from people who don’t matter in your life.

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