Why Should you Consult a Criminal Lawyer for Money Laundering Charges?

People with illegally acquired funds often find alternative ways and loopholes to make it seem like the money has legal origins. Money laundering, a criminal offence in NSW, is a common occurrence that involves concealment of illegal funds.

If you have attempted to conceal illegally obtained funds in Sydney, it’s best to speak to a local criminal lawyer. They will help review your case, evaluate the best options and provide you with the right advice to defend your money laundering case.

What Constitutes of Money Laundering?

According to statistics, money laundering is big business in Australia that is widely used to support organised crime and drug activities. Money laundering in NSW can include a range of offences including tax fraud, drug trafficking, smuggling and advance fee frauds.

The money laundering process generally involves three stages:

  • Placement – It is the initial stage where physical cash from illegal origination or criminal activities enters the financial system.
  • Layering – Illegal funds tend to move around to make dirty money to clean money.
  • Integration – Finally, illegal funds are concealed to be legitimate without raising any suspicion.

People attempt to launder money to evade tax, legitimise profits by investing in businesses or hiding illegally obtained money to avoid detection by law enforcement agencies.

According to lawyers at, money laundering does not involve just cash. It can include property exchanges and gambling. Under the NSW state regime, if the money laundering charges are proven, the person may be liable for imprisonment up to 20 years.

How Can Criminal Lawyers Assist You?

  Advice on How to Comply with Anti-Money Laundering Legislation

Criminal Lawyers are well-versed with local legislation and compliance requirements. They suggest the best course of action and advice ethically on how businesses or clients can proficiently meet the requirements without being subject to laundering charges.

Represent on Your Behalf at the State or Australian Crime Commission

If you face a money-laundering charge, criminal lawyers can come to your rescue. Federal and state money laundering laws can differ significantly in terms of requirements and penalties. Therefore you need an attorney who understands the difference to provide you with legal advice and represent your case against the prosecutors.

If you receive orders to submit information about suspicious financial affairs and give evidence to the Commission, lawyers can help you prepare the required evidence.

Challenge Restraining Orders

Money laundering charges can often involve freezing accounts or assets that may have dealt with illegal money concealment. The lawyers can help you revoke such restraining orders that prevent you from accessing your assets.

Defend Criminal Proceedings

Finally, they help you come up with the best defence against the charge. The specialist solicitors can help you navigate the complex charges and present a compelling defence. One such defence can be that you unknowingly got involved in the crime without knowing that you are dealing with proceeds of crime.

If the prosecution case is strong, a good lawyer may even negotiate for the charges to be downgraded and present it persuasively in court to achieve a favourable outcome.

All in all, if you are charged with a money laundering case, it can be stressful to tackle the case. Contact specialist criminal lawyers who have a high level of competency and experience in handling money laundering and proceeds of crime matters, before speaking to the police.

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