Guitar for Beginners: Choosing Your First Acoustic Guitar

Choosing an acoustic guitar for you is an exciting time with all the sizes and shapes available. Many players consider acoustics as their first instrument on their music journey. They are versatile and great for both beginners and seasoned guitarists. But when you start, you want to choose a guitar for beginners that can help you produce a specific sound.

Music is deeply connected to human civilizations. You know probably guitar is a pretty recent tool but we humans used all sorts of tools to play music. For example traditions, shofars were used to play music thousands of years ago – to learn more visit here.


The construction of the guitar, which is the type of wood used, contributes to its tone. The best guitars are usually made from solid wood that creates a more resonant and richer sound. Intermediate guitars often come with a combination of solid wood tops and laminated sides and back. Entry-level guitars are generally constructed from laminated wood.

Cedar or spruce is commonly used for most guitar tops, while maple, mahogany, and rosewood are common woods used for the guitar’s sides and back. Typically, mahogany is used for the neck and rosewood for the bridge and fingerboard. Guitar makers also include using synthetic materials.

The quality and type of wood used in the construction have an impact on the acoustic guitar sound. Different species of wood produce different grades of sonic sound. Guitar companies combine various wood to make the guitar put out a good sound.

What Music Do You Want to Play?

The following are some basic options to help you before you take any percussion lessons achieve what you want with the instrument according to your music style:

Dreadnoughts for Versatility

Dreadnought is a classic shape of guitar that can cover various styles of music. It has a medium-sized body that resonates sound powerfully. It offers the right blend of clarity, volume, and playability. Acoustic brands are full of battleships that you can’t find a perfect one for you easily. Check the quality of the construction as well as the types of woods used on the acoustic guitar.

Parlour Guitars for Singer-Songwriters

Usually, singer-songwriters prefer a guitar that will not overwhelm their voice and dominate the sound. Parlour-shaped guitars (also called baby-sized guitars) have a smaller body design, perfect for those long writing sessions. The integrated tuner is unobtrusive and accurate. You can plug a parlour guitar through an amplifier, for example, when you are playing shows because it is also an electro-acoustic.

Electro-Acoustics for Band Players. You will want a guitar that stands out when you are out playing with your band. A jumbo-bodied acoustic or dreadnought can help you not get lost in all those bass, drums, and other musical instruments. Electro-acoustics ensure good tone, volume, and playability. You cannot hide with one of these electric-acoustic guitars in the background. However, a jumbo guitar is an excellent option if the sound of your band focuses on acoustic.

Nylon-Strings for Fingerstyle/Classical/Spanish. These nylon-strung acoustics sit away from the blues and rock guitars. While these guitars are considered acoustic, they have wider fingerboards and feature nylon strings, enabling you to play different techniques like the fingerstyle. The nylon string is a great guitar for beginners because the strings are easier and softer on the fingertips. It is also available in different sizes from 1/2 size to full size.

Guitar companies ensure that they can offer quality and affordable instruments by using various build styles. Having an idea of what you want to achieve with your acoustic guitar can help you find the best instrument for you.


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  1. Kelly says:

    Guitar picking is truly an exciting time when all sizes and so many shapes are available. Thank you, your advice helped me a lot. Now I play the guitar very well and every day I try to improve my skills more and more.

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