A Beginner’s Guide to the Pour Over Coffee Maker

Coffee is a drink that usually comes from tropical parts of the world and it is made from ground and roasted seeds. Today there are around 30 types of this hot brew. These 30 are however just the most well-known types.

With all the aromas, flavors and variations a person will not be able to taste all of it in his/her lifetime. Whether it is an Americano, Cappuccino or Café Latte. Every cup of java has its own story and background. Check out this informative video on how coffee originated.

History of Coffee in Our Homes

People started drinking this hot roasted brew in the 15th century. It was especially enjoyed in the Middle East and Northern Africa. John Smith was the first person to introduce coffee to the USA in 1607. The popularity of this drink however, only became popular during the 1773 Boston Tea party when people decided they liked this cup of java more than tea.

Difference Between Pour Over and Dripping Coffee Makers

First of all, it is important to take note that the brewing methods are the same. Both of these devices need the ground or beans and water to be added to make the end product. The difference is in the process of making it. The outcome of this can also be different in the speed of making it, the flow of the water and the brewing time.

These factors can all have an effect on the final product. This can include the texture, taste, and quality of the drink.

Other differences between these devices are:

The quality – People who use the dripping method have little control over the quality of the final product

The ratio of the java- With the dripping method you do not have much control over the ration

Quantity– It often happens where a person can miss judge the amount of the water, he/she puts into the device, this means way too much water and not enough roasted ground

Durability– The pour over device is made from glass or stainless steel and the dripping one made from plastic, so it is likely that the dripping method will break faster.

Most people know what drip coffee makers are. But when it comes to other kinds the question might be: “what is a pour over coffee maker?”

With this device the maker has full control over the water speed into the grounds and the temperature of the water. Experts prefer pour over devices as great alternatives to dripping devices.

What Is the Method Of A Pour Over Coffee Maker?

This way of making the roasted brew is completely manual and for that reason the maker can make this cup of java exactly the way he/she wants it. Here are some guidelines on how to brew your favorite cup:

  • Heat the water to the temperature that you prefer
  • Make sure the filter and the coffee grounds are in their right places
  • Pour enough of the hot water until all the grounds are covered
  • Once you have done this, wait for roughly 30 seconds
  • Pour the water again, but pour it in a consistent and slow rate
  • When you have the amount you want, you can stop with the pouring
  • Finally, it’s important to clean your coffee device to ensure your family stay happy and healthy. Go here for tips: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/tips/a26565/cleaning-coffee-maker/.

What Extra Accessories Is Needed for This Device?

Along with the Pour over maker, one will also need the following accessories to go with it:

  • Paper- or Mesh Filters
  • A good gooseneck kettle
  • A serving vessel
  • A scale to weigh the beans if you don’t want to use a scoop
  • A grinder so you can grind the beans to ground if you want to
  • You can also buy a pour over stand, however it is not mandatory

This pour over maker alone can cost you anything between $18-$42 per unit. Adding the costs of the filters, beans and so on can cost up to $42 extra dollars per month, depending on how much coffee you drink. The pour over maker is absolutely perfect for any coffee lover. They have the control to make sure your warm cup of java is just the way you like it.

One thought on “A Beginner’s Guide to the Pour Over Coffee Maker

  1. Melissa Storms says:

    I have been thinking of trying a pour over device for coffee. I already have an electric tea pot for quick hot water and right now we use a french press. The problem with the french press is sometimes (often) there are grounds that make their way to your cup. I think the pour over method may be the answer, still giving me the very rich coffee while filtering any grounds.

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