Stone Is Class

Choosing one of the most appealing designs for the house is the best way to make it loveable for living in it along with the family. If you opt for the right design, layout, structure, and materials, then it is the surest way of choosing a fully functional design.

If your liking for design and material choice for your home is untenable, then surely, you must have zeroed your search in on using stone for home designing.

Well, this blog will elaborate on why choosing stone designs for your home will be a good option.

Why using stone designs is a good idea?

Below are the reasons why using stone designs in home constructions is an unmatched option.

1- It gives the house a classy look

When the thought of choosing stone designing for your external or even internal wall struck your mind, what grabbed your attention the most? It was the classy feel you got from visualising your home with the layout, wasn’t it?

Besides, every house you have seen with such a design pattern has an extra sense of classiness. After all, the walls studded with pebbles will look kind of fortified and have the feeling that you get with your grandma’s house.

The stone-studded walls cannot be imagined without an antique gun or taxidermy deer head hanging on them. My point here is that the walls with stones embedded on them give you a quaint feel.

2- It has less maintenance than paints

Painting the walls is a temporary fix that does not last long enough because it wears out due to several factors like moisture in the air, seasonal temperature changes and a lot more. The paint simply loses its grip on the wall and gradually gets automatically pealed off.

Choosing a more permanent solution like embedding the wall with small and round-edged stones can offer longevity to the wall and the overall house. Once applied, you don’t have to worry about an aeon.

Nevertheless, you may perhaps need a touchup once in half a decade for redoing the cement etc.

3- It is a good alternative to other natural-looking items

How often have you wondered that although many people have a flair for homes made up of natural-looking materials, they choose only claddings?

It is quite a fact that although many people like the naturalness of the stone walls, they choose stone cladding. Some even resort to using veneer, a factory-made material that resembles stone claddings and gives it a shiny look.

The problem here with stone cladding is that it is just too commonly used to make your home look outstanding. Besides, the veneer wears out over time and gives you the look of patchiness in its shine.

Using an alternative like stone embedding on the walls can be the best option as it can give your home a very distinctive look and prove a worthwhile investment in the long run.

4- It goes along with other materials you have in mind

One point worth putting forth is that stone designing for the home paves the way for other suitable options.

When you visualise your home with walls studded with rounded and non-edgy stones, what type of flooring you see? Voila! You imagine equally classy flooring, don’t you?

This best thing about the rounded stones’ walls’ classiness is that it goes along with a range of other materials. You can choose wood flooring or wood-like vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, marble flooring, bamboo flooring, glass flooring with round-edged stones and a lot more.

The items mentioned in the list are common choices for most people and add to the classy aesthetics of the stone-walled house.

What kind of stones can be the best choices?

We at Caroline Stone Supply provide several stones for home building purposes. Our river rock is the choicest and the most preferred product. In river rock, too, we have Winchester River Rock and Canadian Pink River Rock, both ranging all the way from 1 inch to 10 inches.

Our Bayside Skimmers range of options is also some of the most sought-after. They range from 3/8”, 3/4” and 1/2” that is fit for everyone’s requirements.

Concluding Remarks

Designing the home walls with rounded rocks can make the house the most aesthetically pleasing and make the walls less maintainable. Our array of round-edged rocks can help you simplify your decision of choosing the right stone.


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