Cost of moving pods: what should you know?

Are you looking for an idea to save money on moving? If yes, then getting PODS on rent is a great option so you don’t need to hire full services movers and can do the entire moving at your convenience. PODS (portable on-demand storage) in which all professionals left the containers at the point where you want and once you load it, they will transport it to the destination point. You can find several reliable moving pods companies on iMoving. However, it is important that you know everything about the service before you engage with one.

Why you should choose PODS?

Most of the customers choose PODS to move conveniently. The several advantages of it make it a perfect option for moving even when the move is highly complex.

  • Take your time: All you have to do is just decide for how long you want to rent the container. Take your time, you don’t have to load the entire stuff in two hours only. Do the entire process gradually which would not affect your daily routine.
  • Don’t worry about the driving: It is the responsibility of the movers to drop the container at your doorstep and then transport it to the destination or at your new home.
  • Secure and cost-effective: The best thing about the PODS is that the method of moving is cost-effective than other types of moving options. Your items are also transported securely packing in a container.
  • Easy loading and unloading: You can easily load and unload all your home stuff at your convenience and whenever you got time. The containers are there present at your home, just pack your belongings and load them into it as per your pace and time.
  • Not getting out of space: Generally, when people move, they find themselves getting out of space but with the help of getting containers on rental then you would not get out of space and can have a smooth move.

Considering these advantages, if you are considering getting PODS on rental and you want to know the cost estimation of it then here you will get an idea regarding it.

Factors that decide the cost of PODS!!!

Certain factors affect the cost and therefore, it is quite difficult to say that this is the particular amount that you have to pay. Certain things based on your move can change the cost of rental PODS.

  • As long as the distance and the number of containers you want on rental do not change, the cost would not change. So, also consider the distance of transportation to calculate the charges.
  • The larger the container is, the more you have to pay for it. Figure out the size of the container you want on rental to estimate the cost.
  • Consider for how long you want the containers at your home.
  • Don’t forget to consider the moving challenges that come in between a move. PODs are a great option for difficult moves. But the cost could be higher depending on the complexity of the move.
  • Getting PODS on rental could be higher when it is the peak moving season because at that time, the availability of containers is less therefore movers don’t offer any kind of special deals and discounts.
  • If you want any add-on services like packing, loading, insurance coverage of items, or any other special services then the cost increases depending on the services you require.

How much do the PODS cost?

It can cost around $200 to $800 when you have to move within 100 miles but when it is a long-distance move then the cost increases and you might have to pay around $400 to $7,500. The cost of containers could be higher or lesser than this also depending on the above factors. If you want to bring down the moving cost then check out these ideas.

  • Try to haggle with the moving company: Though not all the moving companies do not negotiate on price some companies do. You should have a good negotiation strategy in your hands so that you can get at affordable rates and can save a few bucks. Ask if you get to qualify for any kind of special discounts.
  • Move during the offseason: If you move during the off-season then higher are the chances that you will get some special deals and discounts at that time. Avoid moving in the spring and summer seasons.
  • Compare prices: You can get the same container on rental for the same number of days at a lesser cost from a company than the other. It is recommended you compare the quotes offered by different companies and choose the best one.
  • Don’t get add on services: Pack all the items yourself and don’t get any add on services. This helps you to save your hard earned money.

Bottom line: 

This guide helps you to move at less cost even when the type of the move is complex and also allows you to move at your own pace.

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