Home Office Accessories: Must-Have Coffee Accessories

What’s your favourite cup of coffee? It is estimated that in 2020, Australian cafes and coffee shops earned over AUD5 billion in revenue. When searching for home office accessories, coffee accessories are one of the most practical ones, whether you’re brewing ground coffee beans or making a latte with espresso shots and steamed milk. Here are some of the most basic coffee accessories:

Coffee Mug

These drink containers are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colours. For example, some popular materials include ceramic and cast glassware. Mugs tend to be somewhat larger than cup & saucer sets that are generally more popular for hot tea.

When selecting a coffee mug, you have several considerations. How much coffee do you drink? What other beverages do you drink? Where will you consume coffee drinks? These factors and others can help you select the best mug.

As with many other purchases, it’s better to select a mug with a slightly larger capacity than you’ll need. This can prevent you from needing several refills when drinking your favourite coffee blend.

Cup and Saucer

We often consider this option for tea. Australia’s favourite teas include varieties like black tea, Ceylon tea, and Lipton English Breakfast. When preparing a single-serving cup of tea, a cup and saucer are most practical due to the small amount of water required.

On the other hand, you can also use this dining set for coffee beverages. For example, it’s a  good option for espresso. It’s also a wise choice if you’re having an after-dinner cup of coffee and don’t want to toss and turn all night when trying to sleep.

Another key benefit of a cup and saucer is they’re more practical for events like dinner parties. In this situation, a fancy cup is more practical than a large mug. You can also buy a cup & saucer set, so everyone enjoys dessert with the same cups.

Espresso Cups

When selecting a container for your espresso, these are even better than a cup & saucer set. An espresso shot requires a smaller volume than a standard teacup, so it’s a perfect size.

Besides that, since you’re drinking a shot, there’s no need for a handle like a shot glass for alcohol.

Coffee Kettle

It’s been said that “the old ways are the best ways.” This includes “slow coffee” that uses the drip method. A coffee kettle allows you to brew one or several coffee cups for breakfast beverage, mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or all-nighter study sessions. It’s also practical to enjoy brewed coffee while doing tasks like writing a letter or creating a journal entry.

There are various factors to weigh when selecting a kettle. They include the kettle’s size, material, and design. One of the main benefits of this coffee accessory is it’s much more cost-effective than other options like espresso machines.

A mug of the coffee shot of espresso, or a cup of tea, uses home office accessories that can make writing, reading, or studying more efficient. Mugs, cups, and kettles are some of the best options, whether you want to enjoy black coffee or your favourite cappuccino recipe.

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