Pest Control Tips During Your Camping

The best part of summer is to beat the heat and go out camping in the hills. Studies reveal that there is a certain temperature drop as you go to higher altitudes. Camping with friends on a hill that is close to you can be really exciting if done right. You may be really excited to buck yourself up and pack your bag with all the essentials. Along with some portable burners, camping blankets and food, you need something very important to keep yourself safe.

While bonfires and sticks can drive out the bigger animals such as racoons, it is the smaller pests that you need to be careful of. You might have rodents, mosquitoes, roaches and bugs visiting your camping spot or even coming into your tents. Using chemical and synthetic pest repellents could damage nature. Here are some pest repellent hacks that can help you have a camping expedition without the interference of pests.

  1. Place your tents on high and dry ground – This will keep most of the pests away from you. Moist ground would definitely be cool, but would have a lot of pests such as ticks, mosquitoes and even rodents.
  2. Do not leave the food stuffs open – Do not keep the food stuffs open. It is not just the food stuff, but also the leftovers. Carefully pack all the junk and leftovers in closed covers or containers. Open food will attract pests to your place and you will have a tough time dealing with them.
  3. Avoid camping during the rainy season – Summer is the ideal time for you to plan your camping. Never plan a camping expedition during the rainy seasons – June and July. The stagnant water bodies after a rainfall are the mosquito breeding sites and you will find the larvae over here.
  4. Knock them off with your favorite fragrances – You might have perfumes that have the composition of lavender oil, lemongrass, or even peppermint oil. These fragrances can be the best pest repellents. Usr them on your clothes during your camping expedition and watch all the pests stay away from you easily.
  5. Prefer dull lights – Mosquitoes, bugs and even spiders get attracted to bright lights and since it is an outdoor space, you can have pests coming from anywhere and everywhere to these light sources. All that you need is a dull light. Keep the lights off when you do not need it.
  6. Choose the best tent – You can keep most of the pests away by choosing the right kind of tent or sleeping bag. If you are going for a tent, get one that has a covering in the ground part too. Get comfortable sleeping bags that ward off the pests and do not let them come in. A completely closed tent with nets for ventilation can be a great and ideal choice.
  7. Carry some pest repellent creams – You must not always restrict yourself to your tent. If you are an explorer, make sure you put on a thick layer of pest repellent creams or lotions. Even coconut oil can be a good pest repellent. You can rub some of the oil on your skin to keep you free from pest bites.
  8. Create a pest barrier outside your tentFor this, you will need a good outdoor pest repellent spray. Choose the camping site and clear the twigs and other junk from the ground. Spray the pest repellent spray well and then build your tent here. Once your tent is set up, mark your territory in a circle form and spray the pest repellent spray here. This will keep all the pests away from troubling you.
  9. Choose your pest repellent spray wisely – Remember that this is an outdoor area and the pest control products that you use for indoors will not work. Use the pest control sprays that come in liquid form and are naturally composed. The pest control sprays that have peppermint oil, basil oil, lemongrass and even the lavender oil are extremely effective in keeping the pests away. Choose a spray that is long-lasting and weather resistant.
  10. A first aid kit is always needed – You may be following all the pest control hacks, but it is always advisable to carry a first aid kit with you. The first aid kit comes very handy if you have a bee stinging you or even any kind of pests biting on you. Keep all the necessary creams and lotions along with this. Bandits and other common first aid kit content are a must during your camping.

These are the most important pest control tips that will keep you safe and sound from pests. Follow them and have pest free camping.

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