How sports betting works

The Framework behind Sports Betting: Understanding the Hows & Whys

Sports betting is something as old as man. It has been around for centuries, and no one really knows when the first bet was made, perhaps right after sports was created. Though a popular activity worldwide, it is not something as simple and straightforward one might assume. 

For someone who is unfamiliar with how sports betting works, what it exactly is, and how you can get started, you have come to the right place. Keep reading this article to find out everything you need to know about sports betting

What is Sports Betting?

Before we dive into how sports betting works, let’s first discuss what exactly this activity is. Sports betting involves predicting sporting events and game outcomes and placing a wager on the result with the aim of winning these bets. The most common sports that people place bets on are football, basketball, cricket, auto racing, hockey, and horse racing. Most often, the prize for those who win the bets is cash, but it can be other valuable rewards as well.

This is often considered a game of skill because you need to do plentiful research into what the game is, the players, the field, and much more to make an informed decision. Because of the risk of losing, most bettors gain some experience and know the playing field before dipping their toes in larger bets.  

How Sports Betting Works 

Take a look at some of the terminologies used and factors involved in sports betting.

  • Plus and Minus in Betting 

The plus and minus in betting are mostly common in American sports betting but can be found in other countries as well. They are used to denote how many odds a $100 wager will pay out if won. A plus and minus are also used to display lines of wagers in point spreads.

Once a game is set, it is decided whether a particular team is a favorite or an underdog. A favorite team is likely to win and thus will receive the minus sign next to its odds, while the underdog will receive a plus sign as it is less likely to win.  

  • Moneylines

They are a type of bet in which you have to place a wager on which team or player you think will win. They are most common in sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer. Money Lines also involve a favorite or an underdog, and this shows who will win the game. Because favorites are going to win, you pose more risk when betting on them, so they receive a negative sign. Contrastingly, you will not lose a lot of money with the underdogs, so they have a positive sign next to them on the money lines bet. 

  • Overs/Unders (Totals)

Oddsmakers also set a total number of combined points scored in a game by both teams. Then the bettors can place their bets on whether a team or player will go over or under the total. Over/under lines can be found in sports like basketball, football, and baseball. 

  • The Vig 

This is the main way that sportsbooks make money. When you place bets, you have to pay a fee. This fee is known as the vig and is considered to be a tax as well. It is usually built into the moneylines and is represented by the differences in lines. Common vig numbers are betting 110 to win 100 and betting 105 to win 100. 

How to Place Bets

Before you begin betting, we recommend you read up on the local betting laws in your country. The way to start placing bets is by looking at the posted lines and seeing which team or player is doing the best. You have to decide whether to bet on the plus or minus line and go with the favorite or underdog. You can also alternatively consider placing your bets on money lines or odds/under lines.  Betting without having a deep understanding of the sports is not advisable. Check out handicapping services like Doc’s Sports tips to get a better idea of the sport and how you should bet.

Where to Place Bets 

Now that you know about all the terminologies and concepts used in sports betting and how to place your bets, it is time for you to begin placing bets. You can place bets with private enterprises or bookies or with people you know. 

Most people tend to place their bets on reliable online betting sites. These have been growing in popularity because of how straightforward to use and convenient they are. If you live in Australia, we recommend you consider using the services of Palmerbet. They are an excellent online betting site that offers bets on a wide variety of sports, including cricket, football, horse racing, and more. You can visit their website and sign up to find out more and begin betting! 


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