Building a Good Reading Routine with Your Children

Build a Good Reading Routine with your children to develop healthy reading habits. Unfortunately, not every kid shows a natural love for reading. If you give them something that interests them, like shadow and bone, they might start developing the habit of reading.

Here is how you can get your kids more involved in reading.

  • Try your hand at different reading sources

Kids are no longer just limited to print books. Now, you can rouse their interest in reading with things like book apps, kindergarten reading worksheets and even audio readings. Kids these days are attracted to anything technology related, so they would love e-readers and book apps. You shouldn’t limit their reading to modernized innovations though. Some kids do still appreciate the act of flipping pages, so do not leave hardcopy books out of their reading routine.

  • Find what your child likes

No one knows your kids better than you. Find out the characters or stories that they love, and source for reading material that contain these things. Children are more interested in activities that they enjoy. Or, you can include your kids in picking out the books they will read.

  • Use age-appropriate text

Make sure that the content you source for your child is age appropriate. You can even read the short stories before you make your purchase to ensure that it is something you want your child to read. Remember that while your older kids will enjoy books talking about nature and facts, littler kids are more interested in fairytales and books that stir their imaginations.

  • Encourage their imagination

Children have the best imagination, and you can encourage them to use their imagination to the fullest. Ask them thought provoking questions about what is happening in the story, or how they feel about certain characters.

  • Make reading time bonding time

Spend quality time with your kids while they read; especially if they are not keen on reading. Your kids might simply require your presence there to help them get over new words, and before you know it, they will be more confident in their reading.

  • Read so that your child sees you reading

Kids often emulate what they see the older people in their lives doing. If your child sees you reading as a habit, they will want to follow in your footsteps. Also, make reading part of your night time routine so that your kids begin to look forward to this part of their day.

Following all or even just some of these tips will boost your child’s interest in reading. If you need some more help to cultivate your child’s reading habit, this article offers more pointers. 

2 thoughts on “Building a Good Reading Routine with Your Children

  1. megan allen says:

    So so important! I believe that if you start them early and make it fun they can become book lovers! Reading is so beneficial!

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