How The Coffee Trade Survived Covid-19

Coffee is a staple for so many people, and the Covid-19 crisis is an excellent example of how important this industry is across the globe. There were so many small and large businesses that shut down because of the lockdowns, but the one thing that has remained was how much people rely on coffee to get them through the day. When people were under hash lockdowns and unable to get to friends and family in public, coffee dates indoors was still a way for everyone to connect with their loved ones. Zoom and Skype first thing in the morning, coupled with your favourite cup of java, was the driving force behind businesses that were battling to make ends meet and survive the first half of the pandemic. The government ordered that everything is shut down, and that was all that we had. Thanks to brands like Presto coffee which offers some of the best decaffeinated coffee, there were many different coffee dates with loved ones and work colleges.

New taste sensations

If Covid-19 has taught us all one thing, then we have missed out on too many of the small things in life that we really should be appreciating. Even with many people moving over to decaffeinated coffee or investing more in specialised coffee instead of the regular instant granules, the coffee trade remains high in demand. They need their coffee fix because it is as part of their systems as the normal water is. Some countries got their first international coffee shops with people queuing for days to get a taste of the flavours they have only heard about on television. Other countries had alcohol and cigarette bans and had no other choice but to invest in coffee.

Covid-19 lockdown recovery

Many countries are easing out of their lockdown restrictions and are now free to meet with friends and family at restaurants and coffee shops. They can now enjoy life a little more thanks to the ease up of restrictions and vaccines’ introduction. Coffee shops are back to complete rotation of the brands with new items and ways to make your delicious brew coming out every other week, not to mention the great pricing for all of these if you intend to stay home and make the coffee yourself. Coffee bags have become a new craze, green coffee and keto coffee are back on the rise, coffee plants and food are also an element that everyone is researching. The possibilities of this simple daily staple have grown, and out of all the things that we can be grateful for, the redevelopment of how to enjoy this is one of them.

We have so much to be thankful for every day, and the coffee industry deserves all our gratitude and more. We may still be confined to smaller spaces until the virus finds its way out of our lives ultimately, but until we get there, we still have coffee, and coffee still has us.

2 thoughts on “How The Coffee Trade Survived Covid-19

  1. megan allen says:

    I know there will be people that cringe at this but..I am not a fan of coffee! I’d rather have tea! But I can definitely see how coffee survived because the majority of people love it!

  2. gloria patterson says:

    I am not a coffee drinker!! But all of my family is many many cups a day. To many people I know have to have their morning coffee. My friend husband took her coffee one day as she ws getting off work, made her day.

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