The iPhone Photography Book by Scott Kelby

I don’t think I am that different than most people.  Photography is a major passion of mine, and I have plenty of cameras.  But how often do I actually have all of the camera gear on me?  Rarely.

Like you, I always have my phone on me.  My phone happens to be an iPhone, and it is infrequent for me not to have it in my pocket or hand at almost all times.  Because of that immediate access, it makes sense to learn all tips and tricks that are possible to best capture images.

What Can I Expect In This Book

Imagine if someone took the same photographic techniques, principles, and tools used by high-end and professional photographers but applied them to shooting with an iPhone. Imagine the type of images you’d be able to create using those same ideas. Well, finally, somebody has.

The world’s #1 best-selling photography techniques author is about to break all the rules as he shows you how to apply the same techniques today’s top pro photographers use to make stunning images. You’re going to learn exactly how to use these techniques to create images that people will not believe you could actually take with a phone (but with the quality of the iPhone’s camera, you absolutely can!).

Scott leaves all the techno-speak behind and, instead, treats the whole book as if it were just you and he out on a shoot with your iPhones, using his trademark casual, plain-English writing style to help you unlock the power of your iPhone to make the type of pictures you never thought could be done with a phone. You’ll learn:

    • Which tools to use to make pro-quality portraits in any lighting situation.
    • How to create stunning landscape shots that people will swear you took with an expensive DSLR or mirrorless camera.
    • Proven posing techniques that flatter your subject and make anyone you photograph look their very best in every shot.
    • How to organize and edit your photos like a pro!
    • The pros’ top tips for making amazing shots of everything from flowers to product shots, from food photography to travel shots, and everything in between.

Each page covers a single concept, a single tool, or a trick to take your iPhone photography from snapshots to shots that will make your friends and family say, “Wait…you took this?!”

About the Author

Photographer, award-winning author, Editor of Photoshop User magazine, Publisher of Lightroom magazine, founder of the annual ‘Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk,’ CEO of the KelbyOne Online Educational Community for Photographers, Lightroom and Photoshop users; co-host of the live weekly photography podcast “The Grid,” Conference Technical Chair for the annual Photoshop World Conference, and struggling guitar player.

My Thoughts

I have had a few iPhone Photography books in the past, but I like this the best.  This book covers how to use the features of my iPhone and tips, tricks, and even apps that can make the best of my photography.  Categories discussed include portraits, landscape, and more.  I feel Scott Kelby covers more than just how to use my phone and how to be innovative with it, but he goes a step further to make the photos even more phenomenal.

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4 thoughts on “The iPhone Photography Book by Scott Kelby

  1. Ada says:

    I think this is a great solution to take note of. There are now a lot of good tips on how to take a good photo, as well as tools that can quickly do editing or background removal like and various filters. All these combined can create good content.

  2. Rosie says:

    Cool! As a student, I still cannot afford a professional camera, but an iPhone is always at hand. So this tutorial will really help you understand some life hacks, thanks! I plan to capture the moment of my dissertation defense, I’m sure that thanks to DissertationTeam I will have a smile on my face.

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